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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I found the cutest little Vegan shop on Etsy and marked it last night and wanted to share it with everyone today. I only wish I had found it last month so that I could have shared it in the spirit of the Vegan Little Black Boxes but alas I didn't and here I am now.

Vegancraftastic is all Vegan all the time.. I mean obviously the name says it all! I absolutely adore the little drawstring bags that are being offered. When I first saw them I was hoping they were wet bags that are perfect for moms to throw soiled clothes in or swim trunks but they are not. Still these are perfect for all those other great mommy things. Maybe me mentioning the need for a great wet bag will light a fire under the shop owner and she can whip up something special for me.

The prints for the bags are pretty cute and there's a different print offered for pretty much everyone's personality. I love it when things are offered in a variety of different styles so that you're always sure to find something that feels like something YOU would want to be seen with. Loves it!


jacjewelry said...

These are so cute! Great find, Kim!

Laura said...

She also has a really cute Polka Dot Retro Market Tote in her shop.