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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under the weather and in bed

Man, I had two fabulous things I wanted to write about today and over night I got pretty ill. I've been laying in bed all day wondering why the powers that be aren't trying to take it easy on me.

Needless to say strep throat and a sinus infection are NOT fun.

Boxes will still go on sale Friday. I'm resting today to work my buns off tomorrow. Thanks for all your patience and understanding.. oh the website will be updated tomorrow as well or this evening as I see fit. I might grab the laptop and haul it into bed with me.



jacjewelry said...

Oh no! You must feel better first - laptop later! Get some rest, Kim, and get better!

Laura said...

I agree! Put the laptop away!!! Get some rest.

KPP said...

Feel better. Strep throat is blech and sinus infections are no better.

Abigail Leigh said...

Feel better soon, I've had those together once before and there is no way I was on the computer.