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Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts To Ponder

How's that saying go? Excuses are like ____. Everyone has one.

You can fill in the blank.

I've heard them all over the past 2 years. My dog ate my samples. I forgot to address my box and it was returned. My supplies didn't arrive and usually I just roll my eyes and figure that The Little Black Box wasn't important enough to be taken seriously to them and move on. Now I'm faced with my own issues.

I sit here in a gloomy mood because I feel now it's my turn to offer an apology or an excuse as it may. I'm sure maybe even people have noticed that I've been blogging super late at night. I haven't been sleeping well and actually went to the doctor a few weeks ago so that I could cope with all the anxiety I had been feeling. Lots of stuff has happened over this past month that I was trying to work though on my own. I was reminded today by email of the many hats us women wear and I really have been wearing my fair share since about Christmas time.

Basically the cliff notes version is that I've been worried sick about my mother. My mother got terrible news in December which has left her having to make major life decisions quite quickly. I've tried to be her rock and it seemed like on a daily basis more bad news was placed on me. I guess when it rains it pours? I've been worried sick about what I could do for her to make things better and trying to be there for her. I mean, she even thought that I was upset with her or ignoring her because I was so upset with all the news that I didn't know how to handle it properly. I love her to death and wish I could always make her problems go away. It's my nature. I'm her daughter. On top of this my mother in law came down with Bell's Palsy which has been hard to watch. She's miserable and I cross my fingers each day that it will just go away. Then once again my father's new truck was stolen, and to make matters worse of all of this my husband has been dealing with stresses at his job. Everyone knows how the economy is and he works for UPS. If people are buying then people aren't shipping stuff which doesn't allow for him to work all that much.

It's been like one thing after the other. Unfortunately, because of the mass loads of drama going on I also neglected a few of the work things I should have been more on top of. It's no excuse! I should have found a balance but I allowed life to take over and tried to carry the world on my shoulders.

I would like to personally apologize to The Vegan Etsy team members. Especially Treaded Smiles and Uber Duper Creations for leaving them off the Who's In The Box page even though their items arrived on time.

I had many emails this morning from concerned team members who thought that maybe their items hadn't been used in the boxes and I can assure everyone that if they sent in their items and they are on the site now that their items were used. Anything left over always rolls into the following month and nothing ever goes to waste. You will hear that from many businesses that I have worked with.

We are all human. We all make mistakes and life does take over once in awhile. I personally wanted to take the time to let everyone know that I acknowledge the mistake that I made this past month. I'm often asked by people to post lists of people who don't follow through with their items and I'm thankful that I've never resulted to that because I know we all deserve a free pass in life when things take over. I hope that all of the kind hearted people that sent in items for January will accept my apology and see that I've been extremely humbled by this situation. I'm sorry for any grief I may have caused. I'm back in the saddle again and ready to rock this February.

Thank you for listening. Comments appreciated.


Cathy Winsby said...

Keep your chin up...:)....treading water can get petty tiring sometimes!

Family before all else and don't apologize for it! You're doing a great job, Kim. Sometimes life gets in the way of things.

Big hugs to you and your family, hopefully better times are comming your way.


Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

I'm sorry to hear that things have been so rough for you lately, Kim, and I hope they get better soon.

Maree said...

You said it...we're all human. Don't be so hard on yourself. :)

PolkaDotCandle said...

I agree with Maree, don't be too hard on yourself. :)

Also, you've just been tagged. Please checkout my blog for details. Thanks!

Vegan Mama said...

Thanks Kim...
I'm on that wild ride these days too.
I have to often remind myself that 'this too shall pass'- I just hope that your world returns to normal very soon.

(pippi, ├╝ber duper creations)

mvegan said...

Thank you for doing the Vegan Boxes, and I also hope that all gets better for you and your family too, Michele, mvegan5

Vanessa said...

I'm sorry to hear about all of the stress you've been dealing with...I hope your mom is doing better!

Jeweltrinkets said...

No words, just a big hug to you, your mom, mom-n-law and husband...
give him and yourself an extra hug.
We understand.

jacjewelry said...

Aww Kim, take care of yourself and your family first, and the rest will come. As you said, when it rains, it pours - and I hope that things get better for you in no time!

Laura said...

We all have tough times. We must use them to learn and grow from. It's much easier to get through tough times with support. Know that you have a lot of support. God bless you.