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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Revisions Design Studio

Sometimes it's a real struggle to find things that I want to share with you all and sometimes it's pretty easy. I have a ton of favorite shops and items linked and bookmarked in all sorts of places on my computer. Then out of nowhere I'll get an email from someone suggesting that I take a peek at a whole new shop and I'll find something I've never seen before and fall in love all over with something completely new and amazing. There's so much out there that I would never stumble upon if it wasn't for all of my cool readers.

I found Revisions Design Studio today and immediately fell head over heels these translucent porcelain shell votive egg candles. The porcelain is so thin that it literally glows when you light the tealight inside and looks so beautiful. These are sure to be an enormous hit at your home when you light them and have guests over. It's a great way to spread the word about handmade because people will take notice of them.

You will get a set of 6 of them and also a little birdie for the low price of $26.95. I think this is such a steal! They even come in their own cardboard egg carton which is perfect for gift giving.

If these don't catch your eye then your eye will directly go straight to the highest priced item in the entire shop. If you have 13k laying around you too can have this extremely expensive Anna Marie Chandelier. A little bit pricey but pretty neat if I might say!


KPP said...

The spoon rings are pretty cool too.

On a side note, did anyone win a free January LBB? The spot on the right is still declaring that someone will be drawn on the 23rd...just curious since I know things went awry for various reasons around that timeframe.

Coqui Ainjelfire said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for pointin them out. I have a family emmber with a birthday coming up, and I never would have found these on my own.