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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Open Sundaes

If you're super duper girly like I am or know someone super girly then I've got the bath and body business for you.

Open Sundaes has been around for awhile and I've been watching them grow steadily throughout the years. I've been plotting any order for awhile now but I'm one of those people like almost instant results and they are in Canada so I hadn't made that purchase. I don't want to wait a few weeks for my goodies! If you're patient when it comes to shipping though then you should really considering giving them a whirl.

Their Glossy Lip Toppings are almost too much for me to handle! Look how devine they look and who'd know they are handmade with love!? The Vanilla Sundae one just about has me won over. I also love the look of Neopolatin Sundae dessert candle. My mouth is watering! Dang this whole shop is off the hook. Time to whip out the debit card!