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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nova Designs

I've been trying to stay off the forums on Etsy because of all the negativity lately. Well, since mid November. I think the economy is hurting so much that people are miserable and taking their misery out on anyone and everyone. It's kinda of annoying and I figure if I don't have anything nice to say that I shouldn't say anything at all.

I did however read a few posts and in the process was introduced to Nova Designs and their success. This business hasn't even been open 7 months and already has nearly 250 sales. It's absolutely encouraging considering they are a jewelry shop trying to make head way in an oversaturated market.

The piece that caught my eye right from the begining was this beautiful brass locket. This vintage brass heart has a splash of patina on the front of it and then is sealed to keep it looking fresh. Now, on sale too! It's been marked down from $29 to $19 which is totally affordable.


Laura said...

I think the Pinwheel ear wire earrings are really fun! I think my students would like to see me in them. I also like the Brass Sticks Hoop Earrings. They're a little dressier.

jacjewelry said...

Her jewelry is gorgeous! I love several of her earrings.

Peggy said...

Neat pieces , I like the Large Brass Locket with red enamel Heart necklace

novadesigns said...

Thank you guys!