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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Go Vegan Boxes!

The Vegan boxes went on sale on Friday and are just about sold out. Yay! Lots of people were hooked up with them and it was very exciting to put together my first theme box. Boxes will start shipping out tomorrow and Tuesday. It was a big weekend with Super Bowl so I was not able to work over the weekend.

I want to thank those who followed through and stepped to the plate for this box. I wish things would have worked better for those that did participate because they were most certainly shafted by those that didn't follow through. I'll never understand why people do this but alas they do and shame on them.

Thankfully those that did send in stuff sent in really neat stuff which will save the boxes! I loved working with each of you and I hope the box buyers really enjoy them. Unfortunately I do not think I'll be doing a theme box again. I couldn't accept any outside stuff because I wanted to follow through with everything being Vegan so there wasn't much I could but I just know that the buyers will love what WAS included just as much as I did and because of that I thank you all!

Such a great cause!


Ricki said...

I can't wait to see the boxes! Looks like some good companies are in there.

mvegan said...

Yay for Vegan Goodies!!!! ;0) Michele