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Monday, February 9, 2009

Black Mountain Candles

Like the shop annoucement says, Welcome to Black Mountain Candles - where you can find candles that TICKLE your nose and DELIGHT your senses.

My senses are totally delighted by the sight of the delicious candles being offered at Black Mountain Candles. I've had this shop bookmarked for awhile but it wasn't until recently when I got to take a really good look at exactly what was being offered.

There's over 120 scents to pick from and you're to find something really special to tease your nose I'm sure. I'm loving the grubby soy melts that are being offered. Both the blueberry and the cinnamon roll grubbies look very drool worthy. I need some of these stat!

Maybe wickless candles aren't your thing? You'll find 8oz soy jar candles for sale too. There's lots of scents to pick from for only $6.75 each plus shipping. That's quite the steal!

1 comment:

Jeweltrinkets said...

These look good enough to eat!