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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adorn Jewelry

I found the most strange and random item on Etsy last week and I'm so intrigued with what I found I had to bookmark it so that I could come back later and share my find from Adorn Jewelry.

This shop is best known for their moss themed items. Faux moss is easy to maintain as it doesn't require either sunlight or water. It's pretty cool! You just know that people will want to touch your jewelry to see if it's real or not and what a perfect conversation starter too. Yes, that really is moss growing out of your earrings! Or.. so they'll think until they touch it. I actually thought it was real moss too!

Check out this large moss pendant. A hand-cut piece of faux moss made of latex sprouts backed with foam has been "planted" into the bezel setting of this sterling silver pendant. The moss earrings are totally cool too. Man, I don't know if I could pull them off but I'm sure one of my favorite blog readers could. Take a look at all this cool stuff!

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