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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wiggle Perfume and Sundries

A word about the Wiggle:

The wiggle is about pushing back against the notion that all our parts are meant to be hard and flat and angular. It's about realizing how much power there is to be found in the curvy jiggly bits. It's about spending less time in the gym and more time in the bedroom. It's about relaxing and letting the good outweigh the bad. Rock what ya got! (It is not, however, about using those bits to get out of speeding tickets. At least not too often, let's don't ruin it for the rest of the girls, eh?)Mae West knew about the wiggle, Marilyn understood...a little wiggle makes the world go 'round. - Wiggle Perfume and Sundries

I love it.

I don't know about you all but I love smelling outragously yummy for my man. My shower is full of scrubs, body wash, and anything extra fun. I have shelves and counters covered in lotions, perfumes, and body powders. I know that when my husband nuzzles his face into my neck that I smell good enough to eat and Wiggle's products and descriptions make me want to purchase!

There's a perfume oil in particular that I want so badly. It's going on my wishlist until I fully talk myself into purchasing it. It really sounds like heaven. Black No1 is described a fall-minded blends, dark and sweet with a mix of blackberry, narcissus, violet, patchouly, and clove. There's also a little hint of rain floating around in there, 'cause it wouldn't be the same without some moody weather..

So much good stuff here. Hold me back!


Jeweltrinkets said...

I am definitely going to try out a few different scents, for only a dollar, that's worth a try! OOH Coconut Lotus here I come!

陳加昀 said...

The description is gold. Pure gold.

megha said...

I am definitely going to try out a few different scents

Cheap Perfume

beclever said...

Ok that's it. I was eyeballing their fragrances a couple of days ago and now I will have to take the plunge! Thanks for the reminder and the glowing recommendation! Can't wait to smell fabulous! (the labeling is sweet too!)

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Yum green apple mint lip balm! Black No 1 does sound yummy. Speakeasy Vanilla sounds good too. I'd also love to try her bath melts.