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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Upstyle Designs

I've been on the hunt recently for a bag or tote for my laptop. I'm always lugging this baby all over the world so keeping it protected and also being fashionable is important to me.

I found Upstyle Designs the other night and automatically bookmarked the goodness that I found. Now I'm trying to reason with myself. Do I really need it or not? Of course I do!! You laptop owners need one too, right?

When purchasing a laptop bag pay close attention to measurements and don't make the mistake of purchasing one that is too small for you. For instance, I have a 17 inch monitor so I'll need a bigger bag. I haven't found the right size yet so I need to send some emails off to see if I can get one custom made for me.

I did however find one that I really like that can be customized so I'm seriously considering it. This gorgeous lap top sleeve is just perfect for what I'm looking for. Hmm.. now I just need to finish talking myself into the purchase!


Betty said...

I love the MODERN TOTE - NEW STYLE - Chocolate Brown with Sprinkles - EXTRA LONG STRAPS. The fabric is beautiful and love that it has the extra long straps. I hate short straps!

gül said...

fabric is beautiful and I like long straps,too.. thanks..

Laura said...

My personal favorite is the New Style - SUPER LARGE TOTE - Super Cute Fabric. I love the color green. Upstyle Designs does indeed have very modern bags. And beautiful!

DieselMonkey said...

very nice laptop case. i (almost) wish i was still in school so i could justify one of these...