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Monday, January 19, 2009

Paradise Hill Designs

Tonight I get to introduce you to this beautiful new shop that I was just introduced to this evening. I just so happened to log into Etsy and saw that the featured shop was Paradise Hill Designs. I instantly fell in love when I saw some of the things that were being offered and just had to take a deeper look. Of course as soon as I did many items ended up on my favorites list and well here I am telling you all about them too!

This shop features unique small boxes, rustic yet refined picture frames, desk accessories, home decor, original wooden art cards, and unusual woodburnt jewelry. My three favorite items are the barnwood earring frame, the tealight bench, and the cedar wood earrings.

I have gained a huge earring collection in the past 7-8 months and still haven't found a great way to display them or keep them organized. The barnwood earring frame would be an amazing piece to have and I would no longer have to search for matches any longer. It'd also give me an excuse to purchase the cedar earrings too! I'm so bad!

What a terrific shop!


Betty said...

I was just looking at this shop too the other day! I added the Aged PINE Jewelry or Keepsake box with woodburnt butterfly and Barnwood Business Card Bench Photo or Art Card Display to my favorites list.

Laura said...

Love the Barnwood Earring FRAME too. Other favorites are the Aged PINE Jewelry or Keepsake BOX...with woodburnt butterfly and the Weathered Barnwood MIRROR. These would look great at my father-in-law's ranch.

KPP said...

Doh! Someone already bought the frame. Have to wait for another one to come up.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I love that idea, and I'm always looking for more creative ways to display my jewelry.

KPP said...

Kim, you're totally "on trend" as it were. Now these guys are a featured seller on etsy!