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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paper Treats

I try to stay on top of who's hip and who's hot and by watching Martha Stewart regularly I'm always impressed with how many Etsy sellers are invited to present their wares for the world to see.

Over the holiday season I just happened to tune in when Paper Treats was presenting their totally cool gift tags. These are some of the most creative and beautiful tags I've yet to see on Etsy. People will most certainly take notice to these and ask you were you got them. I can tell that a ton of thought and tender love and care was poured into each of the designs offered.

Right now you'll find many Valentine's Day designs available for sale. Take a peek! Think really hard - who are you gifting for Valentine's Day and would any of these amazing gift tags work for something you are doing? My favorite ones are the Love Grows tags. Do you have your eye on anything?