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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maya and Ruhi

I spotted some adoreable beaded earrings a few weeks ago at Maya and Ruhi and tonight is finally the night that I get to share them with you. Actually, I think a ton of stuff is super killer in this shop so I'm really excited that it's finally their time to step into the spotlight.

These rainbow hoops are a kaleidoscope of colour surrounded by a big golden hoop. Glamourous fun, and bohemian chic rolled into one! Perfect for glorious summer days! Spring time is just around the corner and I can totally see myself sporting these.

I'm also really feeling this other pair of earrings. This happy trio of a striking turquoise, warm sandstone and an ever-elegant freshwater pearl. I like this pair for its unique combination of stones, and is ideal for everyday, and smart enough for a cocktail.

If you're anything like me and throughly enjoy most of the finds that I show you then you're probably a big fan of both of these items. I want so much!


bamber said...

I love those hoops!

Laura said...

I love this shop!!! I wouldn't mind trying the SURPRISE earrings. All her stuff is fabulous and they would be originals. I am so into earrings these days.

Betty said...

Wow, she has some beautiful pieces! I especially love her earrings. Some of my favorites are the Silver and semi-baroque pearls earrings, the Sweet and Bohemian mix set earrings, and the Chic and unique hoops earrings.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I like the teal jade bauble earrings.