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Monday, January 5, 2009

Let Me Pay You For A Review!

I'm doing it again! Man, this is fun!

Show me your shop with items valued at $15 dollars including S/H. Simply comment here by posting a link to your shop and I'll check you out! I may even add stuff from your shop to my favorites for more exposure.

My readers have been emailing me thanking me for doing this because every once in awhile we have 15-20 bucks in our PayPal account and it's just burning a hole in our pocket. This is a great way to to show off.

I will pick my most favorite item by Wednesday a.m. and purchase it in order to do a review of your shop and the item. What a great way to get noticed and you don't even have to spend money doing it - I'll pay you!

While you're here check out my Project Wonderful ad spaces. You can place your banner on my blog for as low as .03 cents a day. No breaking the bank there!

Let's get going!


Susan said...

Hi! I have a lot of items for under 15 dollars in my shop.


HelenesDreams.etsy.com said...

What a great blog! You can check my shop out too..I have several items for under $15.

Burgandy said...

Hi there, I have quite a few pairs of earrings for under $15.00. Thanks for looking
Thanks again, Burgandy

beadoutlet said...

I sell beads on Etsy...all are under 15 dollars! Lampwork, glass, semiprecious at amazing prices...take a look. http://www.beadoutlet.etsy.com

Artisticle said...

I have lots of funny underwear for under $15 including shipping or some cute baby onesies if you're not into dirty undies ;)


Erin Bowe said...

I have a couple items under $15, and I have some awesome *unique* resin pendants for $16.

Mention this blog and get free shipping on any item from my shop!

bleuroo said...

Hi! First off, I ordered my first black box last month and it was great! I loved going through all the goodies :)

Here is my shop, http://bleuroo.etsy.com . I have some great earrings and pendants in your price range.
Thanks for all your hard work!
Amanda L.

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

I would love the opportunity to have my items reviewed. I have many items under $15.

Thanks in advance

Elizabeth Staley said...

I've got lots of items under $15 in my shop! :)

KreatedbyKarina said...

100% Vegetarian Soaps and Yummy Lipbalms await you~

With $15 you can buy.....
3 soap bars!
5 lip balms!
A Valentine Gift Set for him or her!
Elegant Petal Soaps
and more!!!!


Soap That Makes Scents!

DivineAprons said...

I have a couple of items in my shop under $15! Check it out! http://www.spoonfulofchocolate.etsy.com

Michele said...

I have quite a few things, mostly earrings, priced at $15.00 or less.
I would love for you to check them out!!



Piggy said...

I have got lots under $15 including shipping :) Come check them out!


Moms Antiques and Things said...

I have several items in my shop under $15 incl shipping! Lots of OOAK digital art of my own creation and a couple of handmade items as well as vintage goodies. All of which could be used for art supplies in your hand made items!


Campbell said...

JUST for YOU...stop by my etsy shop ( www.designsbyanna.etsy.com) and choose a RaggBAGG(tm) for $15, there are several listed and more to arrive soon, and I'll ship for FREE!


ponyup said...

hi. love your shop. good stuff.
please check out our shop:

we provide/sell stylish screenprinted organic goods for babies and toddlers. there's nothing aside from sale items listed under $15, but if you dig the stuff and like to do a review, we'll offer you any of the onesies or tshirts for $15, including shipping.

hope you find something you love. have a good one. your ponies.

TackledAndShackled said...

What an awesome idea! I see lots of cool shops for you to check out-- you've got your work cut out for you! LOL

Let me add one more to the pot: I have TONS of stuff for under $15!!!


thank you for looking!

coeyskids said...

This is so cool. Check out my shop I have some items under 15.


Thanks for looking :)

Tialey Vintage Clothing said...

Hello Kim.
Thank you for all your support. You are doing a wonderful thing. I really enjoyed being a part of the boxes this past year.
I have nominated your blog for a Lemonade Award. Check out my blog for more information.


Megan said...

What a cool thing to do!

Most of my store is under $15...

Marbled Nails said...

A bundle of my items are less than $15 including shipping. thanks so much for doing this!


Debbie said...

Hello, I have alot of items under $15.00. I also sent you 3 items to review when I did the Black Box in November. Yarnfreak@etsy.com

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi! Hey, I have lots of stuff under $15--feel free to check it out at http://misseskwittys.etsy.com
I just listed some new 2009 planners that go for $15, if you like that kind of thing!!
Smiles, Karen

Jeweltrinkets said...

Here are 15 of my items that are $15 or less with free shipping.


Vanessa said...

Oooo pick me, pick me :)

You can get a couple of my cards for under $15...