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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Bananas

I'm literally just bananas over this amazingly cool cuff bracelet from Just Bananas.

This magnificent cuff bracelet is part of their Fracture and Fusion Collection. The complex design fuses small fractured pieces together to form a mosaic type pattern. A coat of resin gives it depth and that glass like quality and dimension, it also adds to the strength and durability. The color combination has a playful effect and really puts me in a funky mood.

It'd be the perfect to piece to wear if you're looking to add a little pop or color to a particular colorless outfit. I like pops of color and this bracelet will most certainly do just that.


Betty said...

Check out the stuff in her sister store JustBananasVintage.etsy.com. Beautiful stuff!

Laura said...

I really like the vintage designs in the sister store. I especially like the Seasons in Blue Earrings and the Seasons in Green Earrings. I just love earrings!

Vanessa said...

How cute is that?!!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

That one is gorgeous. I also like the purple passion cuff bracelet.