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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Designs by CDChilds

I've been checking out handmade venues and I found Designs by CDChilds and bookmarked right off the back. I'm going to have to check out 1000 Markets more often now!

There's the neatest stained leaves necklaces that come in such a bright array of colors. This necklace was nature inspired. It is made using art glass and filigree overlay. You can dress these up or dress them down. They are perfect with your favorite pair of jeans or your little black dress. The leaves measure 2 1/8" or 54mm long with a black leather cord included. You could even switch out the cord with your own sterling silver chain to make it more dressy.

My favorited colored leaf is the red one. It's so sunny and bold! Just like me!
Oh, while you are at 1000 Markets check out their Handcrafted in Seattle group. It's my home town and makes me want to go visit even more!


jacjewelry said...

I'm with you - I LOVE red! I've heard of 100 Markets, but haven't visited - thanks for pointing it out! Going to look into it in more detail now...

Laura said...

They also have some fabulous dried pressed flower pendants. I love the White Daisy On Black one.