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Monday, January 5, 2009

Clever Girl Industries

I seem to like the late night blogging best. I just pull the lap top onto the couch and watch whatever is on the tivo while I type. It's the best and I might keep this pattern up.

If you're an egg lover you'll want to check this out. I found the coolest necklace from Clever Girl Industries. It was so special that I actually laughed out loud when I saw it for the first time last night.

This vintage Bakelite stone is set on a sterling silver cloud and titled Keep Your Sunny Side Up. I adore the quarkiness of it and can acknowledge that a lot of time and effort went into creating this great piece. Too cool!

I'm a big fan of a majority of the pieces at Clever Girl Industries and I know that once you take a peek at the goods available you'll be one too.


Jeweltrinkets said...

This is a really interesting heart labeled raspberry linzertorte

Beautiful work, I couldn't stop looking!

Marbled Nails said...

This post really made my day. I laughed out loud, and if I had the money right now, this would be on its way to my house. Thanks!

Laura said...

Lots of neat pieces of jewelry. I love nature, so I really liked the pieces that represent nature such as the Pretty Pretty Garden Necklace, the Chirp Pendant on a Chain, the Tweet Necklace, ant the Teatown Revisited Earrings. I also thought the Eye of the Beholder Necklace is very unique.

Betty said...

I love the Pretty Pretty Garden Necklace. So lovely!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

She has a lot of neat pieces in her shop but the sunny side up piece takes the cake. What a great coversation piece.