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Friday, October 31, 2008


Well boys and ghouls we made it officially to Halloween 2008. Woot! Before we know it Thanksgiving then Christmas followed by the New Year will be on us - my how time flies.

In the spirit of this spooky holiday I've searched Etsy high and low for some amazingly spooky items for you to marvel over. I've got a VERY busy day ahead of me so I can only blog once but my blogging is very important to me so I'll make it a long one. Now for some fun!

L.A. Originals not only is appropriate for this holiday but it fits into the whole Fall category as well you might as well whip out your wallet now if you have a little tyke. It's cold outside and people are bundling up nationwide - well not if you're in Arizona like me and it's still in the 90's - but still.. you get the point. Gotta keep those heads warm and these Pumpkin knit hats will make people stop you dead in your tracks and ask where you got it. Don't have to rush off to the mall for something this cool. Nope. Just head to Etsy and locate L.A. Originals and you'll have fun and fashionable in no time.

I'm an avid debit card user. I never carry cash. Does anyone really these days? It's very rare to have coin or paper on this girl and when I do carry cash I get annoyed with the change I'm handed back because I never have anywhere to put it... until now! Obscurities Hot Glass tucked away the hot glass and whipped out the sewing machine to help pay for college and in the process started creating adorable little pouches and coin purses. Particularly this skull coin purse would do the trick this Halloween day and put us in the mood a little more. Maybe you're a person that can rock skulls everyday of the week. This will just make you look all that cooler.

Last but surely not least Beads In The Belfry has this amazing spider sterling silver necklace that I'm just nuts for. This is piece is good for the gal who subtly wants to celebrate Halloween or her love of spiders all year round! But you know, right now it being Halloween doesn't hurt. If this doesn't put you in the whole spirit of the holiday I don't know what will!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blow Out Special!

I need to get the rest of the October boxes out of here in order to make room for November next week! All boxes have been marked $23 to $19 dollars! Help me get these out of here!

Thanks everyone!

The Blog A Day Giveaway

Moody Girl Aromatherapy

We all get a little moody sometimes. Lately I've been pretty moody and seriously emotional. It's that time of the year where everything is running at 500 miles per hour and I can't seem to keep up. All I want to do is crawl back in bed and I have to push myself to go knowing that I'm being counted on. No fun! Thankfully Moody Girl Aromatherapy has some stuff in their shop that will release some of the pressure and tension inside of me and help me relax.

Check out this Moody Mud! Whoa! Neat! Squash and squish your cares away with this unique stress relieving aromatherapy dough. Use it like a stress ball or just play with it. Release the aromatherapuetic scents with each squish while the essential oils work their magic in your hands. Made with a blend of essential oils, vitamin E oil and other natural ingredients, Moody Mud is a reusable dough that comes in a resealable 8 oz. plastic container and will last for months.

I'm completely digging the Bath Taffy too! Get bubbly with it! Fill the tub and luxuriate in the voluminous bubbles with this unique solid bubble bar. Bath Taffy is made with ingredients designed to be mild and gentle to the skin and is infused with essential and fragrant oils for a smellerific experience! My husband would really enjoy the Happy Hippie scent.

I see big things in the future for this shop! What a wonderful addition to Etsy.

Mood Wax Candle

I was introduced to Mood Wax in our October box and instantly fell in love with their presentation of the promos and the cold sniff of them. I wanted some of my own and ran straight to my computer to check out their scent list and prices.

Finally the other day I ordered jar candles for our home that will be burned during the holiday season. I got them scented in Hot Apple Pie, Buttermint Candy, and Autumn Harvest. My brother and his wonderful girlfriend Kristi are flying here for Christmas and staying with my father so my plan is to have Christmas Eve at our home. Gotta start planning ahead! I refuse to purchase those cheap, low throw candles in our supermarkets so Mood Wax it is!

Start setting the mood now with Mood Wax. I picked up 3 jar candles for only $20.00! How's that for a steal?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CC Designs Jewelry

I was just notified of terrible news.

Cori, of CC Designs passed away early Monday morning from a brain aneurysm. My heart is breaking. We've emailed many times and she's always been so sweet and this past month she spent a ton of time after my constructive criticism trying to make her promos stand out from everyone else. She was also going to participate in our Black Friday Bonanza.

This is just mind blowing. I'm SO sad.

Word Of The Day

I found this over at CheapChicas.com and just had to share it with you guys!

Recessionista, noun

1. The new name for the style maven on a budget

2.A person who dresses stylishly on a tight budget

Did someone really have to come up with a new word for this? If you’re reading this blog you’ve been a “recessionista” for a long time already…we’ve just always called it S-M-A-R-T.

Jennifer Atichison

We made it. Only two days until Halloween. The kid's costumes are finished and boy did they turn out great. I'll be sure to post photos of my handmade creations. Now tell me? How many of you created handmade for your children?

I have a red Lego and a yellow Lego ready to hit the streets and tonight they get to wear them for the 1st time. They both were invited to their first ever Halloween party and boy are they pumped!

Now the fun begins! Thanksgiving and Christmas are literally right around the corner followed by my favorite holiday New Years Eve aka my 28th birthday. Wow, 28! I can't believe it!

I don't know about you all but my family is already planning events and who's having what. Thanksgiving is going to be at my in-laws and there's going to be a ton of people as my father and step-mother will also be making an appearance. I found these amazing place cards at Jennifer Atichison that are festive and will help keep everyone organized. No worrying about where everyone is going to sit if you pick up a pack of these and put them out early on. Your guests will know where they are sitting and there will be less headaches when it comes to dinner time.

Totally hip and such a hostess you'd be!

Bubbles Up!

Oh my gosh guys! I've been dying to show off this business and now today is finally my chance. Take a look at this amazing soap from Bubbles Up! This Pumpkin Pie soap looks like a giant peanut butter bar in the photo which makes me want to take a bite out of it! I want a scratch and sniff computer monitor so that I could just get a little sneak peek of what this smells like.

Why must I own every single bar of soap that stumbles into view? I have this strange soap addiction and this shop certainly isn't making it any easier on me. I mean, check out the layer of brown sugar on the top of the pumpkin pie soap - what a great extra touch for exfoliation!

Bubbles Up Soaps were created when they was looking for a more natural, mild bar of soap due to sensitive skin issues. Sensitive skin issues is no laughing matter and is usually how bath and body businesses start. I'm sorry for the skin issues but thank you for the amazing looking products!

Now why'd they have to make this Blueberry Cobbler Brown Sugar Scrub bar look so good?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Strawberry Hedgehog

The shop local function on Etsy is one of the most fun options on Etsy to use while browsing. I've found many businesses doing my browsing this way. Over the summer I even found an amazing shop located nearly in my own backyard.

Strawberry Hedgehog prides themselves in their handmade eco-friendly bath and body products as well as creating handmade natural stone jewelry. Both of those are quality enough to put my stamp of approval on it. One of my most favorite jewelry shops on Etsy also creates only natural stone jewelry and I'm daily browsing that shop adding stuff to my favorites and now I have a reason to browse this one and drool over all the items that are listed.

How about these beautiful stone earrings reminding us of the elements earth (red tiger's eye), fire (carnelian), and water (turquoise) making this a balancing and beautiful combination. A special added touch is the sterling silver ear hooks and base metal detail. We all know how I feel about sterling silver - love it! Keeps the designs clean in my eyes!

Support Strawberry Hedgehog when you're making purchases today and let them know where you found them. I'm off to make my purchase right now.

The Leather Store

Many fashionistas look for name brands when they are purchasing their looks. Usually they find the hottest designers and head straight for their stores but what if I told you that you could be a trendsetter without spending a fortune? When you go out people will ask you what you're wearing and you can be the first of your friends to say a certain designer and look all that more fashion savvy.

I found a shop on Etsy that needs to be blogged about because like you I'm a purse fanatic. The more the merrier! The Leather Store is full of designer handbags handcrafted in a variety of colors and patterns. Best thing about them is that they look just like anything you'd find in a major deparment store.

The larger bags are totally in these days and I have my eye on this red tote. The quality, based on the pictures, is amazing! It only costs $120 dollars too. Now tell me this doesn't look high end and totally fashionable. Stop selling yourself short and start buying handmade. Afterall, all high end designers had to start somewhere.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Stinky Bomb

Step away and put the grenade down. That's an order!

I stumbled upon this shop recently and I'm in love! I plan on picking up two of these as gifts for the kids in their stockings. They are still big on baths and the more I can buy to actually make them want to take one the better. Boy do 6 year old's come home from school stinky! They get that sweaty little boy smell and I start to gag just thinking about it.

Stinky Bomb has created bath time fun with these amusing grenade soaps in a variety of colors and scents. You'll find that the grenade soaps are actually cast from real grenade bombs - both American and European! While the kids are cleaning themselves up you can even give them a history lesson!

Who would have thought that the collaboration between husband and wife team, Rob and Megan Green would have started such an explosion - pun intended - for this business. Great team work!


Stop spending a fortune on your man's ties at major department stores and start buying handmade. Before I settled down with my husband, many years ago I was dating a chiropractor who had to wear ties daily. Boy was that sexy. I mean utterly amazing and I really liked picking them out when I was out shopping and bringing him little gifts home. Something as simple as picking out a tie was a thrill to me and I loved watching him put it on and rushing off to work in my handpicked purchase.

Check out TieOneOn. They've only been in business on Etsy since mid April and already have over 150 sales. They must be doing something right! Something tells me that it's all the amazing fabric and color choices that you get to pick from. Also, I mean really - who's buying these anyhow? It's us women buying them for our men! We have a great eye for what looks good on our man.

You'll find over 120 different silk ties to browse and no two are the same. What are you waiting for? Go on now!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pink Bow Bath Boutique

Ok, so I lied.

The only reason why I'm posting is because the most amazing order arrived today and I have to shout it from the roof tops about my experience.

Pink Bow Bath Boutique sent in promos for the October Little Black Box and when I sniffed one of the samples I fell in love with the scent and went straight to the shop to plot an order. I'm a sucker for a sugar scrub. Especially a thick one. I'm also a sucker for custom blends that you can't find on all the other bath and body sites. Mix anything with marshmallow or a Vanilla Bean Noel dupe and I'm slobbering all over myself.

Before I even opened my order I was excited because I ordered Wednesday and it arrived Friday. How's that for turn around?! Well, it helps that I'm only like 20 minutes from the business but still. That's an exciting factor if you ask me.

First I ordered two scrubs - one in Pink Sugared Coconut Cream Puffs. OH MY! Pink Sugar and Coconut Cream Pie smothered together into a thick scrub. The scent is out of the control! I adore it! I loved it so much I ordered it in a body spray too. I went to the water store today and the guy was like, whuuut is that smell?! Score! I also got a scrub in Banana Buttercream Parfait. If you like banana scents you're adore this. It smells just like those banana Laffy Taffy's. I also got a bunch of extras in scents I fell in love with and that's why Pink Bow Bath Boutique is now a staple for me.

I would have never heard of this business if it wasn't for The Little Black Box. I'm thrilled to death!

I'm Off To See The Wizard..

After one heck of a week I'm spent.

Life will return to normal Monday and I will answer each email sitting in my inbox. Sorry guys! I need more help and will probably need to get someone in part time to help me with stuff. Especially during this busy holiday season. Working 7 am until nearly midnight all week made me a little loopy and I'm going to spend quality time with the kids and husband. Boxes will be leaving here Monday.

Be good!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wanna See My Loot?

Excuse the grainy look from the camera phone and the paint test areas on the wall. No time to paint when it's the holiday shopping season!

That's 300 boxes ready to leave here tomorrow with 17-20 items per box! Woot!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy girls!

I'd love to keep updating today but I must get rocking on the boxes. We got nearly 100 boxes packed yesterday and it looks like we didn't even put a dent in the items here. It's pretty amusing!

Again, if you haven't heard from me about your items arriving they most likely have. I'm going to try to take a hour today to get the rest of these up on the site. I promise you'll hear from me shortly. There's only one of me and about 10 thousand things to do.

Also, see that cute little snowman banner over to the right there? Yep, that one. Cute huh? Made from Jelene for the Black Friday Bonanza which is taking place November 28-30th. Save that banner to your hard drive and put it on your blog! Then come back here with a link to where you placed it and I'll pick a winner tonight to get a free October Little Black Box. Heck, if you contact someone to put the banner up and they put it up come back again and I'll count that too!

Thanks ladies for supporting the Handmade cause. Most importantly thank you for supporting mine.

Be good!

Pongo Baby

Ok, listen up shoppers! Do you know of a mom to be or maybe even someone who just had a baby? Are you looking for a practical gift idea for this person and just can't find something that you know will be loved and used? Well, stop what you're doing and check out Pongo Baby.

As a mother of twins, I remember how hectic it was when they were little. I mean crazy busy! You go to the store to find a diaper bag before the baby arrives and they are all frumpy or little kid like. I'm sorry, I'm not going to carry that ugly Winnie The Pooh diaper bag all over the world with me. No. Not going to happen. I want something trendy and affordable. Give me amazing fabrics and durability! Heck, give me handmade! That's exactly what Pongo Baby has done.

I love that these fashion forward bags also come with long straps that can go across your chest in a messenger type style bag. This is important to me. I can't stand wearing something over one arm with kids. It's constantly falling off and I drop everything out of it if it's not zipped. Here you just throw it over your head and grab the kids and you're off. Start your Christmas shopping today at Pongo Baby!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fabulous Blog I've Been Following

Break time! Thought I'd squeeze in a blog or two!

I've been following this fabulous new blog the past week or so. It's called The CheapChica's Guide to Style. The blog owner, Lilliana Vazquez, is a style coordinator for Maxx New York and is privileged to work and collaborate with incredible stylists, editors, and designers on a regular basis. Her job requires her to scope out the latest trends, convey that style, and ultimately provide an informative and accessible source of fashion guidance for every woman. Because of this I trust her judgment and enjoy reading the finds she's made on her blog.

If you're like me and like to stay up to date with the latest trends or maybe you're even a trend maker you should follow this blog. Hey, maybe you have something you think Lilliana would love to get the scope on. Email her and show off your wares! She loves Indie just as much as I do!

Yo yo!

Ok peeps, busy busy today. We are officially packing the October boxes today. This will be a three day process that takes all day. You can't imagine how crazy it is and I'm actually going to take photos of the stack when I'm done because I want you to see just how much chaos it creates!

If you have emailed me and I haven't returned it I'm not ignoring you! I have about 100 emails before yours and I will get back to you. If you mailed promos in and haven't heard from me they most likely have arrived. I got like 25 businesses just yesterday. You will go up on the site at the end of the day. I have to unpack stuff and then will notify you.

Until then take a look at this neat graphic Miss Jelene, of Etsy fame, created for me for our fabulous Black Friday event. This event is going to be the best of the net if you're into handmade. All artists are offering either 50% off, free shipping, or buy one get one. No joke! All door busters! You won't be able to refuse these sales. Stay tuned for no details!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy 4 Jewels

Ok my little accessory queens! I have another hot shop for you that I just know will be a hit for my blog readers. How do I know you may ask? Well, I practically want to add everything to my favorites! I could honest to goodness purchase almost everything here and be one happy girl!

Located near us in Sunny California, Crazy 4 Jewels, is taking the world over with their unique, fun, and creative jewelry pieces. Simple pieces too might I add which is always a bonus for me. If you're on a budge then look no further! I'm totally crazy over the fine silver tumbleweed earrings. I like the wire wrapped jewelry and these silver tumbleweeds would be a wonderful addition to my current ever expanding earring collection.

The other piece I'm a big fan of here is the copper pine cone earrings. These actually look like tiny little pine cones and would probably be complimented on quite easily. It's Fall! People are winding down and getting into the whole season so accessorize correctly with something from nature like these pine cones or maybe even acorn earrings. Surprise yourself and get funky!

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen

Super duper busy week for The Little Black Boxes! October boxes go on sale Friday so we'll be busy getting those packed up and ready to roll. Then 2 weeks later the next round of boxes go on sale for November. It's madness! We had to do them so close together so that we could still have a December box go on sale early enough for you to make purchases and have them arrive just in time for the holiday season. Phew!

While unpacking promos last week I was introduced to Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen. Oh my word! I kept getting little whiffs of spice and then finally I got to the box full of soap promos and on top was a big row of Hot Apple Pie scented soaps. I was instantly in love and actually ran over to this shop to see how much they cost. For only 5 dollars you'll get a slice of heaven. I plan on picking some up shortly and putting them in the bathroom our guests use when they visit.

The scent is described as a warm blend of Apples, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Brown Sugar. Yum-ola! Now tell me that doesn't sound great? There's many other scents to pick up at Rebecca's Soap Delicateseen. Get to shopping!

Starrlight Jewelry Winner

Congrats to janetfaye our winner of the Starrlight Jewerly $25 dollar giveaway! Yay! Contact me with your contact information so that I can forward it on to this wonderful business.

As always, if you are interested in having a giveaway on this blog just contact me at kim@thelittleblackboxes.com and we'll work out the details!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Elizabeth Scott Designs

I was watching TV last night and thinking about what type of jewelry I would make if I was talented enough to create my own. I think if I had my own shop I'd create classic jewelry made from very little components. I'd only use sterling silver because I prefer the look of it and real stones too. The items I'd create could be worn both day and night and go with just about anything and my collection would change with the seasons.

As a designer, what sets you out from the rest is your vision and what's going on deep inside of you. The vision of Elizabeth Scott Designs is one that I could most certainly wear on a daily basis. The sterling silver jewelry is made into simple and modern shapes, hammered textures (made to look like water) and images from some of her favorite plants- hydrangea, ginkgo, birch, aspen, and poppy. I can't imagine the time and skill that needed to create this style of jewelry.

I mean check out this necklace titled Water Cast #8. This was created when the artist poured molten silver into water. It hardens quickly creating these little bowls which were then made into pendants for a chain. I adore this! Or how about these hydrangea petal earrings? So beautiful and can be worn with anything! You will get stopped and asked about your jewelry when you pick up something from Elizabeth Scott Designs, and really - that's why we make purchases right?

October Little Black Box

The October Little Black Box goes on sale a week from today. You should really see my office. I'm totally swimming in handmade goodness. My desk needs to be organized as there is business cards, notes, and promos all over it. Thankfully I can still find my keyboard. About 15-20 boxes a day have arrived all week and I can barely catch up!

For the next 3 months the boxes will be so wonderful that if you don't snag one of these you'll be bummed. I can't stress how much I enjoy my career and how much I love what I do. I woke up this morning to my alarm going off and Katy Perry blaring in my ears and hopped out of bed so quickly. I couldn't wait to sit down here and write about everything going on and the great finds I discovered on the net. I hope you enjoy reading and if you ever have a shop you think I just need to know about send me an email and I'll check it out!

Oh, and don't forget to check out our sponsor for October! It's Jac Jewelry. Jac Jewelry has been in our boxes since July and is growing on the public rather quickly. I'm thrilled to death with the success of the shop. Really truly check them out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off The Hook Children's Boutique

Brr - It's cold outside. Is it sad that cold to me equals 77 degrees? Yes, I'm one of those freaks of natures officially. The warm Arizona weather is officially deep into my blood and anything below 80 is cold. I'd probably go into shock going back home.

People are bundling up all over the nation and I don't know about you but when my kids were younger I'd bundle them up like little ugly marshmallows when we'd leave the house. Keeping warm doesn't have to be ugly and Off The Hook Children's Boutique proves just this.

I am hands down totally over the moon in love with the Earflap Crocheted hats in this shop! By the way, the gorgeous baby doesn't come with. Darn! I usually think that crocheted means sorta grandma and uck, but man have I been proven wrong! I'm picking one of these up right now because I know of a baby this will be a great gift for! I especially love the rainbow one and think the mama will love it just as much as I do. There, already picked up before any of you could snag it from me! Very cool!

Starrlight Jewelry Giveaway

Good morning bbs! This morning one of my most favorite Vegan friendly artists is giving away a gift certificate to their store. I've had the pleasure of working with Starrlight Jewelry since about July and I'm forever impressed with her thoughtfulness. She was also pretty much the 1st person to jump at doing a giveaway for our blog so I think that's pretty cool too!

In January we are doing a Vegan/Green Little Black Box. Starr was actually the business that inquired about it and I loved the idea so that's why we are doing our 1st theme box in January. Also, I appreciate the support of the Vegan Etsy team. Both are totally amazing!

Yes, I know - Vegan and Green are two different things. You have no idea how many times I've been emailed about this! Everything in that box MUST follow strict Vegan guidelines and then also should be earth friendly. Vegan= no animal products (dairy, goat's milk, leather, wool, pearls, silk, honey, beeswax, etc.) The two things almost go hand in hand so I'm pretty excited to work with all the businesses that have signed up. If you are a business who follows the Vegan lifestyle and would also like to join us for this event just email me and I'd be happy to answer your questions.

To win this amazing gift certificate please checkout Starrlight Jewelry and head back here with a link to something in their shop that you can't live without. Winner will be picked next Monday morning!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jelene's Pop Shop

Check out the new header Jelene created for The Little Black Box! I'm so pumped! She's redoing all of my graphics and the girl currently on the site will be changing shortly too! A major overhaul is in the works people. If you head over to the site you'll see the bigger version of the banner already in place.

If you are looking for fun pop art graphics then you must MUST contact Jelene for this stuff.

Black Friday Bonanza

Ok boys and girls!

I'm busy organizing our yearly Black Friday Bonanza. I've learned a few things in the past from doing these. In this economy your sale MUST be a door buster or people won't buy. Because of this I made businesses fill out applications stressing that their sales must be a door buster or they won't be extended an invite to participate. Today is the day I let people know whether or not they have been invited or not and I must say that list of participants is amazing! I have about 25 businesses who are ready to blow your socks off! I'm talking HUGE sales - ones that you won't be able to refuse!

Please join us November 28 - 30th after you fill your tummy with all that Thanksgiving goodness!

Looking for a tease at who's participating? Well you're in luck! I'm feeling extremely generous. Here's a few of the lucky businesses who will be joining us for our 2nd annual Black Friday Bonanza:

Bin Hog
Tialey Vintage
Bauble Bath
Jac Jewelry
Blue Raven Tea
Glutenada (SPOONFUDGE!)
Kreations by Kathie

The rest is top secret! Can't reveal rest.... JUST YET!


Project Runway is having their big season finale tonight and Etsy's own Leanimal or Leanne, is one of the final three. If you go to her Etsy shop you'll see that she's closed for now - but you can browse her sales and see what type of work she's created in the past for people.

I was browsing her sales and it's really no wonder she's at where she is tonight. Secretly I think she won but I'll hold my breathe until this evening. I've been watching all season long even before I found out she was on Etsy and loved her to death so if she wins it will be so exciting. Too bad she didn't mention selling her fashion on Etsy during the show. The increase in traffic would have been amazing!

Either way, congrats girl! I'll be watching tonight!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


With this election right around the corner I thought I might give you a site that I've mentioned previously in my blog.

DIYorDIE has many great earrings that they created with our candidates hand drawn pictures on them. I literally cracked up when I saw the shop the 1st time and I know that this is an important time in our lives with the election literally just around the corner.

Snag a pair of earrings for yourself or your friend that's very political and they'll get a major kick out of these. There is enough to go around so don't all of you go running to purchase everything at once. Oh, and save a pair for me! I won't tell you which ones I have my eye on though - see I'm just tricky like that.

SBS Teas

I was never a big coffee or tea drinker until I became a member of the Keane family. It started in May when my mother in law started offering iced tea at family dinner and boy did it taste good with a packet of Splenda tossed in. Then as it became summer I somehow found myself drinking coffee and putting yummy Caramel Vanilla creamer in it and I could instantly feel the difference in my energy. It was really strange and now I knew exactly why people would drink these things.

For the past year and a half I've worked with a few different tea companies and their promo items have always been insanely popular. There's always a humongous buzz surrounding their generous samples and then this month a giant box of promos from SBS Teas arrived and once again they'll cause a stink with just how generous their items are. You'll have to wait until November's box to get your hands on these. Until then I'll tease you a little bit.

I opened by giant holiday themed goody bag and it contained a 2oz sealed container of their Winter Frost coffee and also bag of their loose black tea in Festive Wishes. The coffee smells miny and my husband and I immediately threw it into the coffee pot. We could barely wait for it to brew and once it was finished it most certainly didn't disappoint. I'm actually thinking of picking up some for the holiday season to spoil family at our get togethers.

Now the tea we haven't been able to sample yet but you should smell this! I smell chocolate and it's a really strong milk chocolate. The ingredients say black teamk chocolate, dried raspberries, mint leaves and natural flavorings. I just took another whiff and can also smell the raspberries very strongly underneath the chocolate. I can't wait to make this!

You'll find a variety of items at this store. SBS Teas will have something for everyone. If you're a tea or coffee drinker or know of one that you might impress with your elite shopping skills this holiday season you should hop over to this site and do the economy some good.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Here's another one of those shops that seems to be going somewhere. Take note future top sellers on Etsy - if you want to make it big you need to put your name out there and Bijoutiful seems to be doing the right thing in this case.

Recently featured in both BUST and The Handbook to Handmade Vol 3 - Bijoutiful is picking up steam left and right and slowly nearing 700 sales in just over two years.

I been meaning to write about a particular piece from this artist that catches my eye every single time I flip through my favorites and low and behold today is the day. I adore - am completely gaga over this Mariposa Cocktail ring. This lepidoptera is made from new yellow brass, created from original tooling & dies that date back to the early 1900’s. It is securely and permanently soldered to a slender band of sterling silver--slightly askew to add interest & a "natural" feel. The 3mm wide sterling band is brushed lightly, and the butterfly is oxidized and sanded to make the details really stand out.

The artist stresses that this look is meant to be worn for special occasions and not every day use thus why it's called a cocktail ring but if you love it as much as I do let your freak flag fly and show it off whenever you'd like.


I was first introduced to Naiad almost a year and a half ago when I invited this hip bath and body business to be in the Little Black Box. They sent in these tiny little puzzle piece soaps and the box buyers had an absolute blast with them. The soaps were scented strongly and the overall appearance was a good one. No wonder Naiad is doing so well today. With nearly 1,500 sales behind their belt on Etsy alone this shop must be doing something correct.

The coolest product they have is the Body Sugar Cubes which also happen to be on sale right now. Little 1oz sugar cubes come packaged in a jar scented in delicious scents like Vanilla Chai, Lemon Cream, and Passionfruit Papaya. To use just take 1/2 - one Sugar Cube into the shower, massage in your hand until soft and rub into wet skin. The Sugar Cube emulsifies into a creamy scrub on your skin! It is just that easy! A little really does go a long way.

Not only do the these Sugar Cubes look out of this world but the soaps do too. Everything just looks so friendly and purchasable. Too bad I've reach my monthly spending limit or I may just have gone over the edge. Bad Kim.