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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

15 Dollar Review

It's that time again! I'm ready to make a purchase! Show me your shop if you have items that are $15.00 or less including S/H. If I purchase from you you'll find yourself featured right on this very blog!

I will be making my purchase Friday morning. Get those entries to me by commenting here and linking your shop.

Thanks everyone! You make my job so much fun!

The Noisy Plume

I'm starting to find myself looking for necklaces a lot on Etsy. Don't get me wrong though. I'm still very much into my earrings but I'm starting to become an accessory queen. Sticking to my basic simple pieces I have found some very cool things.

While browsing my favorites on Etsy this morning, coffee in system and Santogold playing in the background I reintroduced myself to The Noisy Plume and fell in love all over again with their shop. I especially like their most recent addition to the shop. The Making Music Necklace is so me it's not even funny. It consists of three circular, pounded cuts of brass, copper, and sterling and it actually makes music as you walk around!

I like that the pendant is larger and the color of the brass, copper, and sterling together would just about go with anything you wear. The fact that the necklace chimes makes it just that more appealing to me. I've said it over and over again here on my blog. I like people to take notice of what I'm wearing and you know that people would turn heads when they heard the chines wanting to know exactly where that sound is coming from. Such a neat idea!

Charlie and Sarah

I'm brother is tough to shop for. He's super tall and built like a truck. He totally pulls off that adorable snow boarder "I've got stretched ears don't mess with me" look and works for a major clothing manufacture's website while putting himself through graphic design school.

He's always dressed so cool and actually has a very nice fashion sense. When I saw these hoodies from Charlie and Sarah I knew right away he could work them and in the process would be noticed and complimented because the hoodies are just that cool. Nothing better then a little British charm on American clothing!

Recently back from the world's largest craft fair, Charlie and Sarah, are having a huge sale right now to move stock. Personally he could rock this Whale Hoody without a doubt and boy would the ladies turn their heads when he was.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sugar Sweet Beet

I recently picked up some new stuff from Sephora. For many years I've been using that black drawstring bag that Sephora gives away with orders for my make-up stash. It wasn't until recently that I decided to start looking for something more appropriate.

I got bookmarking happy and found Sweet Sugar Beet during my attempt to locate something large enough to stash my favorite MAC brush. I adore the fabric prints in this shop and I lust after this black and white one but I just know deep down that it will get dirty really fast and be a complete waste. It's probably best for me to look for one that is darker in color. I just imagine how ruined it would get and I don't think I could live with myself if I accidentally let my mascara wand brush it or an eyeshadow broke. The white portion of the material would turn black.

Instead of that one I think I'm going to purchase this one here in a few days. The fabric is from Amy Butler and I think it's just the best. It's pink and girly just like me and would be the perfect addition to my home for something as simple as keeping my cosmetics organized and tucked away.

Man, I love Etsy.

The Gourmet Bath Shoppe Give Away Winner

Congrats to Vanessa for being the winner of our give away from The Gourmet Bath Shoppe! Please contact me with your address and I'll get these out in the mail to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for many other exciting give aways!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Last night I was going back through my favorites removing people that I've written about and such and I was reminded again why a lot of those are on my favorites. Again, if you were removed it's not because I don't love you. I just use my favorites to keep order of what I want to write about or who I want to work with. No hurt feelings!

Now, if you find yourself on my wish list you know I want to make a purchase. That's a whole other story! My wish list is long and many people are surprised to find themselves there. I don't take the whole heart thing seriously and don't even look on Etsy to see who hearts me. I don't really care. Sure, it's nice to find new hearts but you shouldn't value if you shop is good or not by the number of hearts you have. That's silly!

Which brings me back to a shop that I found many many months ago and just adore! Miyamore. Ugh, I love! I want these leaf earrings badly! I can imagine so many things I would wear with them. They are so simple and would be great paired with a pair of jeans and a pony tail. I never really knew how much I liked silver jewelry until I fell in love with Etsy. Miyamore even mentions a matching pendant coming soon! I must have that for my collection too!

The Gourmet Bath Shoppe Give Away

It's been SUCH a busy week here. The bags all had to be packed for The Little Black Boxes and that is a week long process that really puts a toll on the house hold since it basically takes over everything in the house. Thankfully I have helpers that make it go quicker but I'm so thankful that the boxes are finally on sale today after a month long of 12-14 hour days. This day is very easy going and then I take the weekend off before starting all over on Monday morning.

The Gourmet Bath Shoppe sent us samples for the September boxes and they were not exactly samples. They were full size bars! Huge 5oz slices of soaps in a variety of scents. I can't believe how generous they were. The box arrived at the last minute so I was only able to put out a few handfuls of bars and the rest will be used for next month. I did however snag 3 bars of soaps to use as a giveaway!

One lucky Black Box reader will have these arrive at their home if they enter this contest. You will get a bar of Black Vanilla, The Coop! Soap, and Rosemary Mint Poppyseed. I know I have many bath and body lovers that followed me from my original format of the boxes so I can only imagine how excited you are by this giveaway!

Winner will be picked bright and early Monday morning. In order to enter this contest you should go to the The Gourmet Bath Shopppe site and tell me which product catches your eye the most and copy the link for it and place it in your comment.

Can't wait to see who enters!

September Little Black Box Give Away

Congrats to blueviolet for winning a September Little Black Box. I enter everyone who comments on our blog entries into a hat each month and the person I draw gets a box!

Please send me your address so that I can get this out in the mail for you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweet Lollipop Shop

Ok all you people with a sweet tooth! Sit back and pull out those debit and credit cards. I have a very "sweet" shop for you today that is going to bring out the kid in you.

Sweet Lollipop Shop's owner emailed me the other day to ask a few questions about what we do and that's when I was made of aware of their existence. This shop totally makes me transform into my child like ways and I want a little bit of everything. Not to mention that if I showed my kids this Etsy store I wouldn't ever hear the end of it. They'd want it all and they'd want it like yesterday.

I love how bright the colors of the candy are and also how you can basically get whatever your heart desires. If you're having a theme party and you need something to add that special touch to it then you'll probably find it here. There's also many flavors. I personally have my eye on the Root Beer one.

Go give this shop and peek and see if there's anything that might catch your eye. What about this cherry red high heel crystal barley lollipop. Now that looks almost too good to eat!

Canadian Rockies Art

Sometimes it's more appropriate to wear dainty little studs in your ears rather then long dangly earrings. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a fan of the bigger earrings but I think Canadian Rockies Art has changed my mind.

Last night a box full of tiny little sterling silver "rock" studs arrived for the Little Black Box. I have my pair in right now and they are very mellow and extremely appropriate for something as the same box nature. They look like mini little boulders and basically allow a little bit of glimmer from each side of your face allowing enough shine to be noticed.

You'll also find very basic sterling silver rings on this site and I enjoy those very much too. Your bling doesn't have stop traffic because of it's size or color and I think Nathalie, the owner, has proved just this.

Those of you lucky enough to get a pair of these in your box on Friday will be thrilled when you see the the craftsman ship and those not lucky enough to get a pair have now been made aware of a shop that they won't be disappointed with when they place an order.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carolyn's Kitchen Give Away Winner!

Congrats to Bee @ Bee Dazzle Gifts! She is our winner of that fabulous apron being given away by Carolyn's Kitchen! Please contact me to redeem your prize!

Jamie B Designs

Oh, a girl after my own heart. This shop stole mine after I viewed it for the first time yesterday when Jamie B Designs contacted me to be in the boxes. Of course I want this shop in our boxes! I can't imagine them not being in the boxes.

I love how simple their jewelry designs are and the price point is right on. You don't have to spend a fortune in order to look like you've spent a ton and that's my favorite part about accessories.

I've been adding things from this shop to my wish list over the past few days and I adore these purple mother of pearl earrings and of course the Turquoise chip earrings. How predictable on the turquoise huh?

I can't wait to see what Jamie B Designs sends in for the boxes and I see major stuff in the future for this shop.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loveland Beads

I've been on this super long necklace kick lately. Last week my mother in law and I went shopping to find clearance shorts for the kids - it's still in the 100's here and will be very warm up until Christmas - so when they start clearance things out I like to stock up. We couldn't find anything in the sizes we needed but I did find this long beaded necklace that was made from real stones in the jewelry section. It was on sale plus we had a discount card so I was gifted it and it made my day.

It's the first long necklace that I've ever owned and such a great addition to anything you wear. Most of my readers know that I like my accessories and now I have something new to obsess over and collection. So shallow but at least I can admit it!

I found an amazing Green Mountain Turquoise necklace on Etsy from Loveland Beads and it's such a must have for me it's silly. You hear this family? This is on my wish list! It's a little pricey but they are real stones made by loving hands! This is a piece that you keep forever and not something for the faint of heart. Because we all know how much of a Turquoise freak I am it only makes sense to splurge on this right?

You'll find lots of other great stuff in this stop but this one is mine. Hands off!

Annie's Power Room

My 2nd $15 dollar review item arrived yesterday and I nearly flipped my lid when I saw how cool these were. I had to hide them from the boys because it was going to be a surprise later that night and boy were they to the moon when I pulled out this item from Annie's Powder Room.

Lo and behold I now have a way to encourage the boys to get in that bath! I handed them each an Army Man and told them to go to town. My set of Army Men Soaps came with 15 little army men wrapped in a cello bag. Each army man is an actual toy dipped in clear glycerin scented soap. As they play and use the little guy the soap fades away leaving an actual toy that the child can collect for bath time fun. The boys have 2 now and will slowly gain their collection over the next week.

They loved this and I love it too! Sure, it maybe not be exactly the most obvious way to wash since you don't get that much soap but it completely promotes bath time fun and in the process does a little cleaning too.

This item makes a wonderful stocking stuff from Santa or even a little surprise gift like it was for my boys as a reward. Hopefully you can get your hands on some army men too.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Indie 5 Collection - You NEED To Be Involved!

Another video from my favorite chicks on YouTube! Enjoy!!

Carolyn's Kitchen Give away

Ok, all you fabulous people. It's time for another giveaway! Today's give away is brought you by Carolyn's Kitchen. We featured this shop on our blog last week and then found out afterward that they wanted to give away an apron so here it is!

Titled the "Sweetheart" Apron this item comes in Aqua and is valued at $42.00. It does not coming with the matching gloves so how about picking up a pair for yourself when you win this very cool apron. Perhaps Aqua isn't your style? There's a ton to pick from and all would make great gifts. Maybe you even want to spice up your home life with your significant other? No reason you can't play a little dress up!

In order to win this you must check out their site and comment here by leaving a link to another favorite apron. Easy as pie! Winner will be posted bright and early Wednesday morning. Start entering!

Allu Ring

The most amazing ring arrived in the mail over the weekend. It was even better then I could have hoped for. I made this purchase off Etsy from Allu Ring during my quest for an item on the site that cost less then $15.00.

I'm thrilled with the ring that I bought. It's perfect and will make an amazing gift. The quality is top notch and I can tell that a lot of blood sweat and tears went into make it. The owner even put an extra Opalite on it when she was creating it and it looks that much better.

One of the best things about this shop is that if you see something you're in love with but they don't have your size she's willing to do custom orders! Just send her a convo and let her know what you mean and you're golden!

If you go nuts for wire wrapped rings then this is the shop for you! The turn around time for my custom ring was in no time at all and I had a blast browsing for the perfect ring. I know you will too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kreations by Kathie Winner

Congrats to Christina for winning our Kreations by Kathie contest yesterday! They should be contact with you shortly for your address and scent selections! Congrats!

Don't forget that they are still having their sale today! Go stock up on wickless candles for Fall and Winter! Such amazing scents and quality.

Late Start Today

Husband and I stayed up way late last night so we slept in! Gotta love that! My inlaws bought the boys this Spongebob Squarepants Lego thing. We put together. What a pain in the butt! I was so not made to put things together. They lost the stickers so it doesn't look right but Connor hasn't put it down since it was put together so that works.

The plan for the weekend is to do nothing at all. We went out to dinner last night and my mother in law bought us all stuff beforehand. It was like Christmas - only way earlier. Thanks to her for the yummy Sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon hand wash from Bath and Body Works. I collect these when they are on sale and have them in all the bathrooms and kitchen year round. This scent is super yummy too.

Some more promos arrived for the Little Black Box but I'll update the site on Monday. I try not to work on the weekends and spend time with the family on these two days since they hardly ever see me. The September box looks like a good one and Monday is going to be a busy day here so I need all the relaxing I can get before we start packing the boxes this week. Stay tuned for a newsletter on Monday too!

Be good and stay Indie!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Sometimes I try to imagine which products I would take with me if I was told I had to go spend the rest of my life on a deserted island. I know I have a few must haves that are staples for me. First off I would have to have my Banana Boat chap stick. This stuff is only like $1.49 but it totally does the job and I kinda freak out inside a little when I leave for the day and it's not in my purse or my pocket. It's almost like an addition. I must have this chap stick! You can find it in most of your local grocery stores and I usually purchase 3 or 4 at a time just in case one gets lost. Man, I sound mental.

The other item I would have to have with me would be Bella Lucce's Cranberry Yuzu sugar scrub. Hold me back! Sure, it's a little pricy but it's a total must have if you're a scrub snob like I am. Believe me if you haven't tried this and you have a strange scrub fetish like me you must purchase this just once and tell me what you think. It's heaven! It's refreshing! When you use this in the mornings it wakes you up with the strong yuzu scent. Yuzu is a Japanese grapefruit for those now following along. After you use this you will be so utterly in love with it that you'll have to find a way to afford it more often. It's just that good. I haven't picked myself up one in sometime but I was reminded of it this morning from someone I follow on Twitter and now have this sudden urge to blow money on it. I won't! I must not!


What are staples for you? What would you just have to take with you if you were told you were going to be deserted?

Kreations by Kathie Giveaway

Kreations by Kathie graciously stepped up to the plate to offer our first giveaway. Stay tuned again on Monday for another one!

Today's giveaway is for a Sun & Stars mini candle warmer and a two clamshells in your choice of scents. It is valued at $10.00

My personal favorite from Kreations by Kathie is their Root Beer Float and Fruity O's scent. Both smell exactly like what you would expect for them to smell like! All weekend long this site is also having their End of The Summer Sale and everything is 20% off. Simply enter Summer08 at checkout for the discount.

Please enter by leaving your name and last initial and by heading over to Kreation by Kathie's scent list and telling me which scent on their list peeks your interest the most. Winner will be picked tonight at 9 p.m. PST.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Scents

Well, that time of year is upon us and people are starting to wind down and hunker indoors. That's when I start burning candles again. I've been burning wickless candles on my burners but I think I'm going to start stocking up on jar candles shortly but I also start looking for scrubs, soaps and other comfortable yummy Fall scents that get me in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.

I started browsing Etsy a few days ago marking items that were Fall scented and here's a look at things I want for my home.

I found a jar candle from Moon Maiden Soaps scented Pumpkin Pickin'. It's soy and described as a blend of pumpkin, peach and nutmeg with a hint of vanilla. I think this sounds down right delicious! I wonder how the throw on this baby is? I like them knock you down strong. People, when they enter my home, should think I'm baking. That's how I know I've picked up something good!

I also stumbled on these really cool pumpkin shaped soaps from The Soap Goddess. These ones are scented in Spicy Pumpkin Frappucino and are described as rich and spicy sweet, like a drink from your favorite coffee bar just in for Fall made into a soap. What makes this soap extra special is the creamy nutty oatmeal base and real dried pumpkin flakes that add a primitive natural look and feel to the soaps.

Last but not least I found this mouth watering fudge by Fudge by Maggie in Pumpkin Spice. I love pumpkin flavors! I adore it when my favorite coffee shops bring in all the pumpkin and peppermint flavors for the coffees so when I saw this fudge I knew it had to go on my wishlist. Yum-my!


I literally laughed out loud when I found this shop a few months ago. I'm actually chuckling right now as I write because this shop is so utterly fabulous and risque I can't take it.

Bustables is your one stop shopping place for customizable bra and panty cards. No no silly. Not REAL bra and panties, but paper ones! These are the best! Your imagination can go wild with the type of lingerie you want to wear on your cards. Sexy, flirty, sultry, and fun - you name it and Bustables can create it!

I'm seriously in love with these and wish I had more girlfriends I could send the cards to so that I could make a purchase. Won't you be my girlfriend so I can send you something funky and fun today? Then you could have a bra and panty card from me!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Are you a handmade shop that would like to be noticed on this blog? Send me an email to kim@thelittleblackboxes.com and do a giveaway! I'd like to host weekly giveaways and I think my readers would adore that!

I'm open to all things handmade! Help me fill up spots throughout the holiday shopping season. I'd love to help you promote your business.

Terri Taylor Design

Terri Taylor Design was a gigantic success for The Little Black Boxes in August. Many box buyers placed orders with this shop because they packaged their item creatively and the promo item itself was something that many people use or gift to others. I got the biggest kick out of them when they arrived.

Recipe cards are something that all of us can use. These are things that are passed along in family circles and make an extremely great gift to give to someone who knows their way around a kitchen. These cards are brilliant because they have funny little catch phrases on them such as, "Bite Me" and "Eat Me". Very appropriate if I may say so myself! There's even a little corner bite mark out of it as if someone was so hungry they just had to have a taste. Because these may be passed around there's an even bigger chance that someone will see notice them and want to know where they are from so that they place an order. Again, brilliant idea for marketing and practical too!

Terri Taylor Design also has other really funny stationery pieces. Maybe you're looking for funny notepads or note cards from their, "Mom Always Said" series. Perhaps you There's a little bit for everyone and it's all very adorable. Don't forget to read their shop announcements for specials this month. Just join their mailing list and you get 50% off your first item! That's a steal!

15 Dollar Review Pick

I made my purchase this morning from Annie's Powder Room!

It's going to be a gift for my kids to play with. I'll share with you once the item arrives! Thanks to everyone who submitted their shop! Keep submitting when I do these because you never know when I'll be looking for item just like the ones in your shop.

While you're here check out my Project Wonderful ad spaces. You can place your banner on my blog for as low as .05 cents a day. No breaking the bank there!

Let's get going!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colorado Catnip Toys

We like to bring treats home for our little princess Coco Keane. A lot of stuff doesn't go over so well with her and the only toys she really likes are cat nip toys and rocks. Give her a rock and she's good for hours. She just runs all over the house with it in her mouth putting it down on the tile and batting it all over the floor. Strange cat she is.

My husband brought home a small container of cat nip to put on her scratching bed in our bedroom so she'd stop scratching the new bed frame. We left and came home a few hours later and she somehow managed to break open the container and flung it all over the living room carpet. The catnip made her psycho!

Now I've discovered Colorado Catnip Toys. Hopefully they can save the day! This shop has these fabulous little catnip toys that are vibrant and playful with extra little things hanging off of the toys to catch your cats attention. They also have these pretty cool catnip mats which will draw your cats attention in and almost force them to want to lay down and sleep on the mat leaving you with less cat hair all over the place. Thankfully we don't have this problem. She really only sleeps in her cat bed next to Daddy's computer and then in her other bed in the bedroom at night.

If you have a special kitty in your life that you treat like royalty find it a gift at Colorado Catnip Toys and make it one happy cat!

Simply Sentimental

I've been watching Simply Sentimental's shop for a few months now. When they asked to be in our September Little Black Box I was pretty excited because then I could see their work up close and then make a purchase based on that. The promos arrived yesterday in tip top shape! The only problem that I have is that I didn't place an order sooner! The promos were out of this world and way more then I expected.

My children were home when they arrived (way late might I add!) and since they were Halloween themed they wanted to play with them. They actually though that the gift tags were toys! I added some tags to my wishlist and a few cards as well because I want to come back later and make purchases. I'm planning on buying 90% of my gifts on Etsy this year and I'll need cards and tags too! Simply Sentimental already has their holiday cards up so you can even browse and start marking your favorites too.

Or maybe you are just looking for cards to have on hand. I do this! I have a stack of cards that I keep on hand. There's nothing worse then being unprepared. Simply Sentimental has a variety of cards for all occasions - whether you need to perk someone up or thank someone you'll find the right card in this shop.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jelene's Pop Shop

Awhile ago I was watching videos from the Indie 5 and Buttonhead was talking about how she was working with a shop who designs pop designs which she was putting on her new tattoos. Of course when Buttonhead mentions something people usually go running to figure out what she's talking about and I'm one of those people who go running.

The Etsy shop that was mentioned was Jelene's Pop Shop. I totally see what all the fuss is about now. When you first open this shop you'll notice all the bright colors and the cartoon pictures. Everything looks so friendly and child like. It's amazing how much a drawing or painting can be turned into anything.

For instance, check out these plush candy corns that were made from Jelene's work. What a perfect addition to your home during the Fall too! My kids would love their own little candy corn plush! There's even Frankenstein versions of the candy corn if you want to get a little bit creepy and into the Halloween mood. For you cupcake lovers who much have every item on Etsy inspired by cupcakes there's even cupcake plush. Now, these are cute!

You'll find charms, magents, tattoos, totes, pins, stickers, cards, prints, paintings, and graphic design all in one shop featuring Jelene's amazing pop art. She's about as creative as they come and boy does she know how to market what she does but joining forces with other artists to create her goods. I'm gaga over pretty much everything I see. This shop is amazing!

Theresa Rose Designs

I learned of Theresa Rose Designs about a week or so ago when I was browsing shops on Etsy that sell items for 15 dollars or less. I became automatically in love with her simple jewelry designs.

Less is more in my book. I like bright colors and elegant designs that can be worn with a pair of jeans or dressed up for a night out. Another thing I look for when it comes to jewelry is real stones. I prefer stones over plastic beading and usually because of that you can't find earrings for less then 15 dollars but I did with Theresa Rose Designs.

For instance how about these delicate light blue jade briolette stone wire wrapped earrings? 12 dollars won't break the bank and these are super cute! I think what makes them affordable is that the designer uses silver plated wire instead of sterling silver. I love that! Especially in this economy! You can still purchase items within your budget and in the future when you have a little bit more to spend you can always upgrade to a sterling silver material by request I'm sure!

Maybe the light blue jade briolette earrings aren't your style. Perhaps you prefer something funky. What about these Tropical Treat Pink Jade and Lime Green earrings? I would totally wear these! I'm in love with this Etsy shop and hopefully you'll see what I see in Theresa Rose Designs and pick up a pair or two for yourself too!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Carolyn's Kitchen

I was turned onto this shop yesterday when I was browsing my friends list on Livejournal. An online personality had posted that they wanted an item from this shop so badly and of course I had to take a look!

Carolyn's Kitchen proudly displays vintage inspired aprons and matching glove sets. These are fun, sexy and totally glamorous. These aprons are becoming the talk of the town and are being featured in major publications and also national television. Hello! Stacy London even wore one on her show, Fashionably Late! Can't get much better exposure then that!

You too can be a Suzy Homemaker - er Homefaker! I'm more of a Suzy Homefaker. I think I know what I'm doing but I really don't. Ask my husband! There's so many colors and styles to pick from. There's gotta be something that will work for you or as a gift because these are HOT!

Edited to add that Carolyn contacted me after seeing this blog post and wants to do a giveaway!! Be still my heart! Stay tuned for more details and join my newsletter to be on top of the giveaway before anyone else!

Indie 5 Collection

I adore Buttonhead and all of their videos. Are you an Etsy addict?

Designs by Vanessa

You never know when you're going to need to pick up a last minute gift. My kids are always getting invited to last minute birthday parties. I'll never understand why parents don't plan these well in advance, but they don't!

I actually keep hang tags on hand just for reasons like this. Then I never have to race out and pick something up. I also browse the clearance table when I'm shopping and keep gifts on hands like Transformers and Matchbox Cars. Never can be too prepared!

I discovered Designs by Vanessa yesterday when their promos arrived for the boxes. J'dore! The tags from this shop is perfect for a baby shower gift, a wedding gift, or even a birthday gift. Maybe you're just giving a thank you gift and these will most certainly work for that too!

I'm a big fan of the little birdie tags. So adorable!