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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lori Anderson

Another day.. another blog for you to enjoy! Today I want to spread the word about Lori Anderson. Her tag line is, 'Eclectic jewelry that makes people ask, "Where did you get that?"' I can most certainly see having someone ask me where I got this.

This is incredible! I love the bright colors and the southwest feel. I'm a sucker for anything turquoise. I would love to add this to my collection and hopefully it'll still be around when I can make the purchase. Now that I think about it.. Etsy needs a layway program!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amy Giacomelli

We live in a brand new home. Been living here since October 2007 and our walls are very bare. I'm also a newlywed so putting together a comfortable home with my new husband will come slowly. Money is tight right now but I just know that when things are better I will be able to purchase all of my wishlist items.

My current home upgrade item is by Amy Giacomelli. I was searching for art the other night and when I came across this piece. I actually stopped short and yelled for Michael to come see it. We both loved it and wished for it to be ours. It would look so perfect in our living room. This is surely one of those things that I want very badly. It's totally and completely so beautiful and so very Michael and Kim. I love it!

Do you?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Black Box Participation

We are currently looking for Little Black Box participants. I know it's late in the game but I just recently revamped the site and I want these boxes to be amazing.

Check out our FAQ page and if you feel that you are a good fit to the boxes please email me ASAP. I would like for these boxes to go on sale ASAP!

Shop of The Week Friday - Gr0glmann's Fun Retro Jewelry

Every Friday I'm going to post my pick for shop of the week. This shop will be one that completely blows me away and leaves me in total awe.

With that said, here's my pick for shop of the week!

My first site of the week is a strange one. It's so strange that I actually laughed out loud when I stumbled upon it. It's totally geeky, totally crazy, and oh so weird. It's absolutely perfect to be our Shop of The Week

Gr0glmann's Fun Retro Jewelry has a Lego Spongebob Squarepants necklace, Monopoly wheelbarrow token earrings, and a domino key chain. My personal favorite is the Starbuck's Coffee Cup token necklace. Who would have thought that this type of stuff could be made into something wearable and cool?

JD Wolfe Pottery

I happen to belong to one of those families that is always finding a reason for a get together. If it's not a birthday, a graduation, or a holiday then it's a Sunday dinner with the in laws. I also happen to really enjoy this. It's good to feel loved and even better to know that I always have a place to go or be at where I'm wanted.

When I'm shopping at a store or online I'm always keeping my eye out for a cool dish or a neat platter to purchase so that when I'm invited to one of these events I have something to sport when I am told I need to bring that cheese tray or veggie platter.

I found JD Wolfe Pottery about a week ago and marked this item because I instantly fell in love with it. I didn't fall in love with the price but honestly and truly if I had the money I would have snagged it in a heart beat. It's one of the most unique platters I've ever seen and I wish it was mine! It's worth every single penny for the love and labor that was put into making it.

Starving Artist Bazaar

I'm a simple kinda gal. You can probably tell by my posts that when it comes to jewelry or accessories I prefer bright colors and simple settings. When I'm browsing for stuff and I enjoy what I see I save the picture of what I like and title the picture with the name of the business so that if I decide to write about it later then I know where to find the shop.

I stumbled up on this necklace and I find it totally divine. Simple is so good and I think this necklace would go just perfectly with so much that I wear!

Pinstripes and Polkadots

I was cruising around my usual stomping ground last night and came across this. I think this would go perfectly in my Aunt Mary Ann's backyard next to her pool. I keep telling my husband that when we decide to purchase a home that it has to have a pool too (remember I'm in Arizona.. home of the backyard swimming pool). Pinstripes and Polkadots on Etsy has tons of cool stuff like this. This one in particular just happened to catch my eye.

I think this is extremely cute and very noteworthy. Take note and pick up some handmade yard art from an artist online or locally. You never know when guests are going to stop by and you want to make your sitting area extra special.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I first met Amy about a week or so ago when she emailed asking to participate in The Little Black Boxes. We shot a few emails back and forth and after about the 2nd email I knew I liked her. She's quarky.. she's fun.. and she seems like one heck of an honest business person. These are exactly the type of people I like to surround myself with when it comes to doing business.

She asked to participate the rest of the summer and was also hoping to have her items from her Etsy shop, AlwaysAmy, arrive here before our June deadline.

Well her samples did arrive and they totally reflect the feeling that I got from her when I was reading her emails. They are cool. They are hip. They are totally reflective of her personality. Can you pull of earrings that look like a slice of pizza? Can you wear cars on your ears? Heading to a baseball game? How about a pair of baseballs to put you in the mood for a good game!

Check out her shop for a good time!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Meet Coco Keane:
She's basically the Queen of the Cat Universe. The apple of my eye and the wind beneath my wings. Most would argue but I think she's the best cat this side of the Mississippi. She's spoiled rotten and knows it. She comes running when she hears the garage door open and heaven forbid you open the sliding glass door to the back yard and step out before her. She'll race.. and she'll win. She's just that good. She's so good that when I'm in Pet Smart or any of those large retail stores I can't stop looking for cat stuff. Well, today I draw the line. I found the collar I'm adding to my wish list. Coco Keane WILL wear this collar. Oh yes, it will be mine thanks to another fabulous find on Etsy she'll be the hottest cat on the block once again.

Big Trouble

I'm in big trouble. My name is Kim and I'm an Etsyoholic. Yep, it's true. Shoot me! I'm on this strange earring kick lately. It's summer and my hair is up so I got to have some cute earrings to wear, right? WRONG! I'm broke as a joke. These g as prices and food prices are killing me. Not to mention I'm in Arizona and our air conditioning bills are half our mortgages a month. A girl can dream though and here are a few of things I'm lusting after.

I wish I may, I wish I might have a pair of earrings or two tonight.. ahhh so beautiful. So me! I'm only sharing my finds from Kirstin Perkins Glass Jewelry, Mia Sophia, and Sparkle Couture because I like you. Don't even think about stealing them from me.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blue Gecko Candles

I stumbled upon Blue Gecko Candles during my search for samples. It's not often that I find someone located less then 15 minutes from me during that search. Located in a suburb of Phoenix is a little known secret that I'm dying to tell you about. Blue Gecko Candles first floored me with their tub treats. It's a little known secret that we all fight over being the person to sample the products that arrive here daily. Most often my twin boys will be my guinea pigs and if it gets their approval then you know it's a good product.

My favorite tub treat offered is their Bubbling Bath Cake. These are pretty nifty as they look like little bath cupcakes.. sprinkles and all! Just toss it in your bath, pop open a bottle of wine and even grab a good book and you have an evening of luxury. I also have my eye on their Frosted Cupcake Soap. Great stuff at this site!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cotton Mamma

Stop wasting your time in line bath and body retail stores. Cotton Mamma has the goods. The really goooooood goods! Recently I got my hands on their wash cloths and these are so very neat. They aren't your typical wash cloths. These are natural and handmade. They don't look or feel cheap either. The ones that I got particularly have a soft flannel on one side and then on the other is a fabric that is extra girly but also fits my decor in my bathrooms. My husband didn't mine the girly wash cloths and even requested that I purchase ones in a more manly design. Good thing I shop for stocking stuffers early!

Cotton Mamma doesn't just have wash cloths though, no sir. Cotton Mamma has soaps, all natural baby items, pet beds, and clothing. If you are a fan of the all natural products or want to jump on the Go Green wagon then check out Cotton Mamma for those treats.


Ad space, from January until August is sold for $10 and it lasts for 30 days. The file should be in .jpeg or .gif format and measure 125px by 125px. Advertising dollars will be spent on advertising and promoting the blog. If you are interested or have more questions feel free to send an email to Kimberlee at kim@thelittleblackboxes.com

Site stats: As of July 2009 we get about 3.3k Unique visitors a month with 6.3k visits a month. Info gathered via compete.com

Holiday Rates September - December:

125x125 pixels
1 month - $20 for spots 1 and 2
1 month - $10 for spots 3, 4, and 5

Get Featured

How Can I Get Featured?:

A majority of the blog posts and features that we do daily are simply about businesses that we find on the net and fall in love with. Perhaps, I make a purchase of something and I get it home and I instantly need to rave about it. That's when I'm fortunate to be able to just make a new post with my new love for whatever it is that pleases me that way. Sometimes I'll just be wandering around on Etsy, Artfire, or Twitter and I'm left speechless by something in a random shop. I'll mark the particular page or product and then come back later when I have a chance to write about the item. I also end up with lots of cool stuff sent to my office for The Little Black Box and more chances then not I'm blown away by a particular sample that's sent in and I wander over to their website and lust for everything that's for sale and that particular business will end up being featured. It's just one of those things.

However, you are more then willing to mail in things that you would like considered to be featured. The key word is considered. Just like you, there's things that rock my boat and then there's things that do not. I appreciate all things handmade and I do also appreciate the time and effort that you put into your creation. There's just some things that I don't nescessarly find as a good fit for this blog. With that said, I can not promise that everything sent in will find itself in a feature on the Handmade Guru although most likely it would be. Please take the time to review my blog and my tastes and if you think you're a good fit then send me an email! I'd love to take a peek at what you have to offer.

Products that are sent in are not returnable. If you expect me to review your product please expect me to use it. I wouldn't want something you used sent back to me so please don't expect me to send you something I used.

Our mailing address, as of September 2009, is:

The Handmade Guru
901 Summer Meadows Court
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Please include your name, your business name, your website address, and your email address with your item. I need to know who I'm plugging and your contact info if you want to see my praises!

About Us

The Handmade Guru blog was started by me (Kimberlee) back in June of 2008 as the Black Box Review. I just wanted to create a spin off of the Little Black Box so that I had a place to write about handmade items I stumbled upon and loved. Since then, the blog has expanded to include features and interviews from several indie artists, designers and some wonderful vintage finds. The blog is updated seven days a week by myself and as of July 2009 a new guest writer. I have hopes that as I acquire more quest writers it will allow for the blog to always have fresh content so you can come back multiple times a day to see what's in store.

Editor: Kimberlee Keane
With my background and career path originally being dentistry, I had no idea that one day I'd be sitting here telling the world about my love for handmade. It all started with me wanting to make my own handmade candles since I was tired of spending so much on the store purchased ones. I created my own handmade shop, Whiff and Sniff Candles, and was always on the hunt for a great out of the box way to advertise my business. That led me to advertising with Amy Jagminas the original owner of The Little Black Box and on to purchasing the site for myself in 2007. I feel like I know the ins and the outs of the handmade world pretty well and I proudly wear the self professed title of Handmade Guru well.

A quick bit about me: I'm 28 years old and was born on the fabulous day of December 31, 1980. I love my twin boys Dylan and Connor, Summer, swimming, celebrity gossip, reading, dinner
parties, and a vintage bottle of wine. My favorite color is pink and I sleep with my blackberry in my hand, so?

Guest Writer: Ricki Marking-Camuto
Ricki has been a fan of handmade goodies for many years now. She's been a local customer of The Little Black Box as well as a forum moderator (R.I.P.) for me in her spare time. She supports her habit by running a community theater in St. Louis, Missouri. Her free time, what little there is of it, is spent with her fiance and dog. For fun, she enjoys reading, crafting, and playing games online.