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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I found this amazing shop yesterday after some drama over at Etsy. Whitemetal has a beautiful sterling silver gernade necklace that had many people up in arms after it was placed on the front page in a treasury yesterday afternoon. Many Etsy members felt it was very tasteless that Etsy allowed this necklace to be part of a treasury for the front page after all the tragedy which has recently happened in India and actually started attacked the shop owner.

I felt terrible for the shop owner. She didn't create the treasury and was also surprised that it was on the front page to begin with and also didn't deserve the attacks and harassment she was given because of her shop item.

Personally I would have never taken offense to this but I can see why some did. Still it was sad to see someone's craft being attacked like that. That's why I decided to give Whitemetal a platform today to show off her craft and skill instead of being known as the shop with that gernade necklace. Show this shop some love. Tis the season!


Laura said...

Thanks for standing up for someone. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen much anymore. I decided to check out Whitemetal's shop. I found really cool items, but I especially liked her Little Miss Perfect Earrings.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I have to have get taht grenade necklace. It's so cool!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Darn! It's already sold. Hopefully she doesn't let all of this stop her from making more. I think it's very cool and everyone is entitled to their own views and idea of what art is. I also really like the lotus pendant.

Peggy said...

People sometimes like to place blame and its sad that she had to face the firing squad. I think her shop is fabulous and I hope she doesn't stop. It was really nice that you stood up for her

Jeweltrinkets said...

People forget to take their meds, and make a big deal out of nothing. As if everyone is perfect, shame on them!
Love the "heart me" earrings!