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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We need your help to save handmade toys in the US, Europe and Canada from the CPSIA

Just pulled this article from Cool Mom Picks. I'm sad!

We interrupt the tidings of comfort and joy to bring you some heartbreaking news.

Of course we're all for strengthening the safety standards of mass-produced toys made in China, and banning toxins like phthalates and lead. But this year, the CPSC passed the ill-conceived Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act which goes into effect in two months and will absolutely decimate the small toy manufacturers, independent artisans, and crafters who have already earned the public trust. The very same ones that we often feature here and in our Safer Toy Guide.

They will all go out of business. Period.

Moms who sew beautiful handmade waldorf dolls out of home, artists who have spent decades hand-carving trucks and cars out of natural woods, that guy at the craft show who sold you the cute handmade puzzle--even larger US companies who employ local workers and have not once had any sort of safety issue will no longer be able to sell their toys. Not without investing tens of thousands of dollars into third-party testing and labeling, just to prove that toys that never had a single chemical in them still don't have a single chemical in them.

In other words, handmade toys will now be illegal.

So many of our past reviewees are pleading for your help. Here's what you can do:

-Find your congress person and senators and write a letter like the sample here, particularly if they serve on the consumer protection subcommittee.
-Send a letter directly to the CPSC.
-Join the Handmade Toy Alliance and check out their proposed changes to the act which make a whole lot of sense.
-Spread the word to everyone you know who cares about helping the little guy, particular in today's economy.
Thanks mamas. We know we can help make a difference and preserve this important cottage industry, keep good honest people in business, and protect the playthings we all love best of all.

Edited to add: It would seem this act impacts not just toys, but all children's products (thanks, Diana) including clothing, hair accessories, shoes - pretty much everything we feature here. Please please, if you do one thing today, shoot off an email or two, will you?


Bebian's said...

HI! I have send you a msj in the Etsy store but it seems you didn't notice yet :) Again, thanks for participating in the blog a day giveaway, it was just amazing and i admire your job, it just great :D

well, have a nice week :)

Jeweltrinkets said...

This is heartbreaking!

BeckyKay said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've sent emails to my Congressman and Senators this morning. This is absolutely the most frustrating thing I've read.

Debbie said...

This is terrible, I don't know what else to say, I feel bad for all the artisans

Betty said...

I saw this too on Cool Moms. I've already signed a petition to stop this from happening.

Karen D. said...

I just sent letters to my Congressman and Senators. I SO hope we can change this!!!!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Thank you for posting this information. I'm writing to my congress people and passing the information on.

Kim said...

Thanks for this posted! I re-posted the article on my blog (siting you of course) and forwarded the petition on to my friends/families and told my etsyTEAMS about it. Oh, and I sent my congresswoman a letter. Hopefully something helps!