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Friday, December 5, 2008

Still down and out..

This cold or whatever it is hasn't gotten any better. It's in my head now and I feel like I'm under water. Disgusting. I'm trying to hang in there and getting a little work done here and there. I'm massively behind on email. I'm going to try to get everything caught up by Monday. I'm taking it VERY easy since I don't want to get worse.

Just wanted to update that I'll be back strong on Monday (crosses fingers). I've been laying in bed looking for new finds. My mother in law came over yesterday and pulled me out of bed and we packed 100 boxes to get us going which allowed me to have the boxes stay on schedule. We're going to pack the rest tomorrow.

Thanks for your warm emails during my down time. I apprecaite your consideration. Being sick is NO fun!


KPP said...

Oh man! I was excited to see boxes go on sale last night because I thought it meant that you were feeling better, but alas that is not that case. Glad you have such a lovely MIL to help you out. Boo on the cold bug!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Awww...being sick sucks! I'm sorry you are ill and I hope you get better quickly.
Smiles, Karen

Jeweltrinkets said...

Hang in there! Better to get sick now rather over the holidays! Hope it passes soon!

Elizabeth said...

You will feel better soon. Drink some orange juice if you like it. The calcium can help you feel better quicker. :o)

陳加昀 said...

You're right, being sick isn't fun. But think of the plus side- this means you will almost definitely not get sick during the holidays! Feel better soon.

Brenda said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. Get as much rest as you can, don't overdo yourself, and drink lots of liquids. Don't me to sound Motherly...it's just always worked for me. Feel better! *hugs*

Ricki said...

Glad you are feeling better! I've been sick this week, too, so I understand how miserable it is.

Lncgreetings said...

i hope you feel better...get well soon!!