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Monday, December 8, 2008

Dance With Silver

Silver jewelry makes me happy. I think it's aesthetically pleasing. It's simple and clean and overall my number one preference when it comes browsing for handmade jewelry.
Dance With Silver prides itself with creating jewelry that is 99.9% fine silver unless noted. Because silver is such a precious metal something made of nearly pure fine silver can be an important investment.

I found some great pendants that I want to share with you. I'm sure that if I love them you will too. There is some super unique designs and some not so unique but sure to be favorites. I've added a few to my favorites list over on Etsy. Hopefully you will too.

On to my list of favorites at Dance With Silver!

This cute tie is made of 99.9% pure silver and was sculptured to have a soft fabric look! The carved stripes design gives it a classic yet modern feel. Suitable for everyday wear! I think this is crazy cool. It's different and I like different. You won't see anyone else in your office or local grocery store with a pendant like this - that's for sure!

I also think the anchor pendant is pretty sweet. It is also made from 99.9% pure silver and comes with a beautiful matte finish. Either pendant would make a great gift for a loved one. You won't go wrong with either and you're supporting the handmade community in the process.


Jeweltrinkets said...

The chubby kitten is so adorable!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I love the sea shell pendant. It makes me miss home.