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Friday, November 28, 2008

Chic-Covers Giveaway

Ok mommies and people who know people with toddlers. I actually just laughed out loud because who doesn't really?

I've got a real treat for you! Chic-Covers has graciously given us this Apples and Pears Pink toddler car seat cover that fits a Britax Marathon car seat. It made in top notch quality with reinforced top stitched seat belt holes. The seat belt holes align perfectly with car seat. Also 10 oz's of batting is used for a extra comfy ride for the toddler. Most importantly it's 100% cotton!
This item is valued at $50 and can be yours after you head over to the Chic-Cover website and take a peek around finding an item there that you would also consider purchasing and linking it back to us.

Winner will be picked Monday morning!


Kristen said...

Wow, those are REALLY cute! I love the Carnival Bloom Hot Pink.

tnajk at cox dot net

Mistress Meeyee said...


The blue mod dot cover is really cool too!

~Kimberly said...

I love this concept! This would be perfect for my little Addison, as she is turning 1 next week and will be graduating to a toddler seat (her big brother's hand me down seat). I may just have to get the blue camo cover for him as well so that they will be equally stylish is their toddler seats! http://www.chic-covers.com/item_40/Camo-blue-gray-grey-replacement-toddler-car-seat-cover-Fits-Britax-Marathon.htm

Jennifer said...

I love this idea! Just wish it was for seats other than the Britax.

I am in love with this pattern for the shopping cart cover: http://www.chic-covers.com/item_97/Blue-cocoa-damask-shopping-cart-cover-unisex.htm

If only Collin would actually sit IN the cart. These days my 2 year old toddler wants NOTHING to do with being in the car. Maybe if I got him a snazzy cart cover...


Chelle said...

I love the Lei flowers cover....so cute!!