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Monday, October 6, 2008


I had some time yesterday so I did some Etsy browsing in many categories. During my browsing I found lots of shops that just had to go on my wishlist because of the items they contained. One of the most favorite things I found was from Soapylove. I've begged Soapylove to be in the boxes before because their items are so fabulous that I know they'd be a huge hit and they decided to not join us because they are focusing more on wholesale. Understandable! Doesn't mean I don't love them.

Particularly I love the look of their Birthday Cake soap. It's so fun and the sprinkles on top are such a special extra added touch. My kids would love this but I think I'd probably steal it and want it for myself. This is the type of soap that needs to be enjoyed by someone who knows just how special it is. This soap is so great it was even featured on the Soap Queen's blog.

Let's get festive and also check out their Candy Corn soap pop. Looks so good you want to eat it right? Well, don't! I can only imagine how yummy this smells too. The sweet buttery scent actually makes my mouth water. Is it Halloween yet?


Soapylove said...

Thank you so much for this feature! Coincidentally, my Etsy shop had been virtually closed for months and I just reopened it yesterday, so this is really nice!

Thanks also for wanting my items to be in your cool sample boxes. If I could afford it, I totally would! :)

Thanks again,

Jeweltrinkets said...

I absolutely adore the shapes and colors of the soaps she has. This caught my eye!

The Abbey said...

Those soaps look amazing!!! I can't wait to go shopping for some new soap. I love when my kiddo's smell good enough to eat!!!

bowlergrl1 said...

I've eyed a few things from this shop for a secret swap I'm participating in.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

MMM Cake!

Vanessa said...

Those candy corn soaps are adorable!!

blueviolet said...

Perfect stocking stuffers!