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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Leather Store

Many fashionistas look for name brands when they are purchasing their looks. Usually they find the hottest designers and head straight for their stores but what if I told you that you could be a trendsetter without spending a fortune? When you go out people will ask you what you're wearing and you can be the first of your friends to say a certain designer and look all that more fashion savvy.

I found a shop on Etsy that needs to be blogged about because like you I'm a purse fanatic. The more the merrier! The Leather Store is full of designer handbags handcrafted in a variety of colors and patterns. Best thing about them is that they look just like anything you'd find in a major deparment store.

The larger bags are totally in these days and I have my eye on this red tote. The quality, based on the pictures, is amazing! It only costs $120 dollars too. Now tell me this doesn't look high end and totally fashionable. Stop selling yourself short and start buying handmade. Afterall, all high end designers had to start somewhere.


Aimee "Roo" said...

That shop really does look great! I am really excited because I just ordered a black box. :) Thanks for what you are doing.


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

That's a really nice bag! I need a new purse too. I'll head over and see what they have in black.