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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jennifer Atichison

We made it. Only two days until Halloween. The kid's costumes are finished and boy did they turn out great. I'll be sure to post photos of my handmade creations. Now tell me? How many of you created handmade for your children?

I have a red Lego and a yellow Lego ready to hit the streets and tonight they get to wear them for the 1st time. They both were invited to their first ever Halloween party and boy are they pumped!

Now the fun begins! Thanksgiving and Christmas are literally right around the corner followed by my favorite holiday New Years Eve aka my 28th birthday. Wow, 28! I can't believe it!

I don't know about you all but my family is already planning events and who's having what. Thanksgiving is going to be at my in-laws and there's going to be a ton of people as my father and step-mother will also be making an appearance. I found these amazing place cards at Jennifer Atichison that are festive and will help keep everyone organized. No worrying about where everyone is going to sit if you pick up a pack of these and put them out early on. Your guests will know where they are sitting and there will be less headaches when it comes to dinner time.

Totally hip and such a hostess you'd be!


Peggy said...

My Dad was a New Years Day baby, New years Eve is even better ,no matter where you go there is a party.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I love the holidays! I can't wait for Thanksgiving.