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Friday, October 17, 2008

Elizabeth Scott Designs

I was watching TV last night and thinking about what type of jewelry I would make if I was talented enough to create my own. I think if I had my own shop I'd create classic jewelry made from very little components. I'd only use sterling silver because I prefer the look of it and real stones too. The items I'd create could be worn both day and night and go with just about anything and my collection would change with the seasons.

As a designer, what sets you out from the rest is your vision and what's going on deep inside of you. The vision of Elizabeth Scott Designs is one that I could most certainly wear on a daily basis. The sterling silver jewelry is made into simple and modern shapes, hammered textures (made to look like water) and images from some of her favorite plants- hydrangea, ginkgo, birch, aspen, and poppy. I can't imagine the time and skill that needed to create this style of jewelry.

I mean check out this necklace titled Water Cast #8. This was created when the artist poured molten silver into water. It hardens quickly creating these little bowls which were then made into pendants for a chain. I adore this! Or how about these hydrangea petal earrings? So beautiful and can be worn with anything! You will get stopped and asked about your jewelry when you pick up something from Elizabeth Scott Designs, and really - that's why we make purchases right?


Jeweltrinkets said...

Truly esquiste, I love these earrings, since I love hydrangeas


S T E P P I E said...


You've been tagged to share 7 random facts about yourself! See my Blog for the details/rules. :)


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

That necklace is way cool!

Samy St Clair said...

You and I share very similar tastes. I absolutely adore the Petal Necklace. Simple and beautiful. It's perfect.

Peggy said...

Hydrangea Blossom Post Earrings are my favorites,just the perfect earring that go with everything. Love them

Anjie said...

I love it all...so simple, yet so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

Vanessa said...

How pretty and very unique!

blueviolet said...

The detailing, that's fabulous! I love all the leaf veining and I also love the honeycomb ring!