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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terri Taylor Design

Terri Taylor Design was a gigantic success for The Little Black Boxes in August. Many box buyers placed orders with this shop because they packaged their item creatively and the promo item itself was something that many people use or gift to others. I got the biggest kick out of them when they arrived.

Recipe cards are something that all of us can use. These are things that are passed along in family circles and make an extremely great gift to give to someone who knows their way around a kitchen. These cards are brilliant because they have funny little catch phrases on them such as, "Bite Me" and "Eat Me". Very appropriate if I may say so myself! There's even a little corner bite mark out of it as if someone was so hungry they just had to have a taste. Because these may be passed around there's an even bigger chance that someone will see notice them and want to know where they are from so that they place an order. Again, brilliant idea for marketing and practical too!

Terri Taylor Design also has other really funny stationery pieces. Maybe you're looking for funny notepads or note cards from their, "Mom Always Said" series. Perhaps you There's a little bit for everyone and it's all very adorable. Don't forget to read their shop announcements for specials this month. Just join their mailing list and you get 50% off your first item! That's a steal!


Terri Taylor Design said...

Hey - Terri here. :-) Thanks for the BIG plug today! So glad to be a part of the LBB community.

Rosanne said...

I found out about Terri through you Kim..saw that she was going to be in the August LBB and checked her out BEFORE I got my box! I ended up buying a bunch of AWESOME notepads, cards and gift cards. Then, after I got my goodie in my LBB, I went back and bought more. Terri is wonderful to work with and her products are so fun. I will be back for more from her as soon as I run out. Thanks for letting us know about her Kim. And I highly recommend her to anyone reading this!

KatieG said...

I ordered both of the items you featured a few weeks ago, and some other stuff! I loved Terri's service, she was AWESOME! And the items are great!!!

Sage Moonstone said...

Terri... I LOVE your stuff!

Ricki said...

I just placed an order earlier this week. I love those recipe cards!

Vanessa said...

Love those recipe cards!

blueviolet said...

Those are so fun and sassy. Thanks!

Terri Taylor Design said...

You are all so sweet! Thanks for checking out my shop. Big smiles. :-)

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I need these for my office!

bowlergrl1 said...

I really adore her recipe cards.

Terri Taylor Design said...

Thanks to those who've made their way to my shop! Placing orders...signing up for the mailing list...yipee!