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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let Me Pay You For A Review!

I'm doing it again! Man, this is fun!

Show me your shop with items valued at $15 dollars including S/H. Simply comment here by posting a link to your shop and I'll check you out! I may even add stuff from your shop to my favorites for more exposure.

My readers have been emailing me thanking me for doing this because every once in awhile we have 15-20 bucks in our PayPal account and it's just burning a hole in our pocket. This is a great way to to show off.

I will pick my most favorite item by Wednesday a.m. and purchase it in order to do a review of your shop and the item. What a great way to get noticed and you don't even have to spend money doing it - I'll pay you!

While you're here check out my Project Wonderful ad spaces. You can place your banner on my blog for as low as .05 cents a day. No breaking the bank there!

Let's get going!


geelizzie said...


I have a lot of pendants at 12.00 + 2.00 for shipping




Faith said...

Here is my shop:


I have several custom items below $15.00 including shipping/handling.


SnugBugClothing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SnugBugClothing said...

Sorry, that deleted comment was me! I messed things up :) Anyways, what I wanted to say was ...

What a great idea! My shop, http://SnugBugClothing.etsy.com , has some great finds for kids under $15 including shipping (worldwide, even!). Check out my toddler bibs, leggies, and burp cloths for a start! :)

I can't wait to check out some other shops!

Erin, maker of chimes said...

Oooh, pick my shop, please! There's several items that fall into the category that you're looking for, but I bet you'll love the fork easels :)


Catheaven said...

Good morning! I have a variety of items (cards,crochet items) and price ranges at my shop.


Thank you for taking a peek!

April said...

My etsy shop is www.mooremagnets.etsy.com

I would love for you to review my pencil holder magnets - they are not expensive, but I am not sure they are fully understood!

Little Lovables said...

I have a lot of pieces under $15 for less than $15 including shipping. I would love a review from either shop!




Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fun idea!

here is my shop:

I make fun soaps in just about any shape imaginable! The ongoing joke at our house is...before you take a bite out of anything, smell it to make sure it isn't soap!! :)

Thanks again!

Jane Hancock Tag Co. said...

Hi :)

I'd love for you to check out my shop, Jane Hancock Tag Company. I have beautiful tags and cards made from artisan papers.


Thank you,

Amy said...

Hey lady! Please check out my shop! Everything in my shop is less than $15! :D



The Glass Menagerie said...

This is a great idea.

My shop: http://glassmenagerie1.etsy.com.

I create jewelry using the beadweaving method and if I am choosen, I will waive shipping fees for anyone buying from me referred from your blog.

Thank you again.

Cute & Sweet said...

I have lots in that price range! :)



racergirl1313 said...

All of my 5x7" photots are under $15 shipped.

Thank for taking a look!

Here are a few you may want to consider:

Eggplant: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9393651

Thistle in Bloom:

Red Bug:

Fervent Butterfly Photography said...

Our 5x7 prints are less than $15, including shipping. I am also starting to make/list bookmarks.


Thank you!

burrito said...


Lots of stuff under $15 in our shop: http://maked.etsy.com

Happy Shopping!

BululuStudio said...

Ok here is my store http://bululustudio.etsy.com

Let me know please and thanks for this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

hi Kim,

What a fantastic idea!

I have many items under $10 & $15


gigglinggoldfish said...

How fun :D

Here is my shop...stop by a take a peek, we have lots of fun stuff.


Thank you :D

dollcloset said...

This is such a great idea! :)
Almost everything in my shop is under $15. Here's one of my fall doll outfits:

And my shop:

Thanks! ~Christine

Jennifer said...

Everything in my shop is under $10, shipping varies based on your location. However, these items are ALWAYS below $15:




Sage Moonstone said...

THREE GOOD FAERIES Pleasant Dreams Herbal Sachet No 2:


Thanks for checking it out and running another fun REVIEW!!

CuddleMonkey101 said...

I have a few items under 15 dollars. You can check them out here:

EBSpider said...

I have many items that are uder $15.


Lin said...

Great idea! I have cute cell phone charms for $13.00 including shipping. I also have a big clearance section, where I always have a good selection of jewelry that would fall in to the price range you are looking for! Here is my shop:

laurenmc18 said...

Ooh, pick me! My shop URL is:


I sell jewelry and cute little magnets.

If you happen to review me, please let your readers know I will give them FREE SHIPPING if they mention your site in the Buyer's note or through a convo to me! They can either wait for an invoice or pay immediately and I will issue a refund.

Betani's Bureau said...

Most of my Tiny Totes are $10+$2 shipping. I'd love for them to be reviewed externally :)

Nicki Leigh said...

All of my items are priced under $10. Affordable for any budget and made with vegan friendly ingredients. Go ahead and have a look. Let me know what you think.


Melissa said...

I've got lots of fun stuff in my shop! How about these:

Thanks for your consideration!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of great items, please check them out!

andrea said...

I have bunches in that price range.
Here are some of my favorites;

A fun DIY Pendant Kit

Bottle cap Magnet Kit

and a really awesome surprise Goodie Bag! There aren't many of these on Etsy , so its kind of a unique purchase!

Thanks, this is a cool idea!

fi at moose and bear said...

I'm based in the UK, but have lots of things that would still be less than $15 including shipping. I make cute little amigurumis - perfect for kids and adults alike!


rosewoodcreations said...

Hi Kim,

I have a few items in my shop under $15, we offer free shipping on all items shipped to the U.S.A.


soapdeli said...

Most of the items in my shop fit your criteria. Plus I'm having a sale.

Debbie said...

Hi! I have listed an item from each of my shops (2 from uniquexpression since it has jewelry & crafts), all under $15, including shipping. You can choose from a craft, a jewelry item, a bath and body item or a dog treat! Thanks for your consideration!!



body butter

dog muffins

Unique Garden said...

OOPS! That last post under Debbie is actually me, uniquegarden! Sorry, someone was on my computer and I didn't realize they hadn't logged off.

dicope said...

I have some items too !!


urbanmermaid said...

I have little angry chocolate chip cookie magnets (or brooches) for $14 :) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14815466

I love the little black boxes idea!

Graphic Pendants said...

I offer polymer clay pendants with graphic and photos designs baked
right into them. Each one is a little piece of art, you can wear,
wherever you go!

All of my pendants are $8.00 + $2.50 shipping and Buy
2 Get 1 Free!



blueviolet said...

Yay! You're doing it again!

Vanessa said...

What about some little birdie cards?

Or some pretty aqua and pink earrings?

Mekhismom said...

What a brilliant idea. I love your site.

Mandy said...

Hi Kim,
I've got tons of stuff under $15!
Check it out: http://www.chunkybuttcandles.etsy.com


Sygnet Creations said...

Well I have been peaking through all the other commenter's items.. Very nice and not going to break my bank.. LOVE that =)

I have travel neck pillows in my shop for both infants and children ranging in $8 - $10 with shipping at $5. Have fun shopping around. It is going to be a tough one for sure!!


sauchagirl said...

I would love for you to check out my shop.


This headband especially.


I wore one yesterday and there was no slippage like other headbands I wear. I think the weight up top really helps.

Have a great day!

The Chase Family said...

I have lots of great items for $15 or less including shipping. Crocheted headbands, reusable snack bags, play silks and so much more!


Dani said...

Hi :)

All of my pendants are well under $15 (including postage- which is free for purchases of 3 or more pendants anyway).

I've just started selling earring and jewellery sets - but they just push over the $15 mark to $16 (with FREE postage) :)


Many thanks!

KatieG said...

So excited to see who you picked this time!

Sharla at Sharma Designs said...

My wood filigree earrings are a perfect fit. Big style with a small pricetag!

See them here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=19484&section_id=5504454

gmistudio said...

hi kim, i am gmistudio

i have a pencil holder for $10.00 +4.00 s&h toral $14.00

its a decoupage pencil holder
i hope you like it !!!


thank you !!


Krista said...

Hi, I have art glass items priced at $15 and below. Come visit me at IllusionFusion.etsy.com

I hope you like what you see.

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

I would love it if you checked out my shop for a review.


Kim said...

I have several items for $15.00. I would love a review. Thank you.