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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Election Season

This weekend was a fun one. The boys were home for three days and my husband was off too since he works for UPS and there was no delivery on Monday. I know.. booooooo! We want our goods when we order them. It's relief for him though.

Sunday was a giant bbq pool party at our Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Dave's home. Man, this family likes to eat and talk politics! Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage and peppers, pasta salad, fruit salad, chips and dip. Too much! Between the sun - the kids - and the food I was wiped early and retired before anyone was ready to stop for the day telling Michael it was time to go!

It's so funny how different members of my family are so argumentative when it comes to politics. I simply keep my mouth closed but I end up getting so mad when I'm listening to points of view that I literally have to excuse myself. I won't ever share my vote with either my blog readers or my family. My husband knows which party I prefer and I'm going to keep it that way. I went on Etsy's forums over the weekend and there was a heated debate about a business putting an extra in a package that someone ordered that had an Obama card or something like that in the package. Most people thought it was uncalled for or rude while the others sorta shrugged about it and wouldn't seem to mind. That's when I started searching Etsy for McCain and Obama items to see which there were more of. I found DIY or DIE on my hunt and they have a little bit of everything for each party. Get your items while they are hot!

According to my search via tags on Etsy if you type in "John McCain" you will find 3 pages of items. If you type in "Barack Obama" you will 31 pages of items. Hmm? I wonder if this means anything? Probably not! Guess will have to hold out to see what the popular vote will be. Until then you can duel it out with this fabulous candidate finger puppets from Abbey Christine.

Keep in mind that we are all allowed to follow our own beliefs. I just can't believe how strong people get when it comes to this. Like, actually yelling and getting excited. It's so not normal for me. I think it's great that people believe in things but when I see the anger and the fighting I get uncomfortable. Do you feel the same way about politics or are you passionate about them?


blueviolet said...

I feel exactly the way you do. I have my opinions but I keep them to myself and if the subject comes up, I politely say that politics is a subject I don't discuss. My mom gets so fired up about her party and is so staunch in her ways that I've tried to tell her how I feel and why I decline to talk about it. Politics is a very divisive topic that can spew so much venom and hatred. I choose not to partake in that. I'm glad you feel the same.

KatieG said...

Those finger puppets are so cute and funny!

Bunny B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I believe that voting is important. I mean - you have no write to complain about anything that happens if you didn't excercize your right to vote. However, I try to avoid discussing politics when possible. People get too passionate about it. So many people get upset if you disagree with them. I think that everyone has the right to vote for who they want and believe how they want. I don't mind getting into political debates with people that are openminded, educated, can back up what they are saying, and are openminded enough to consider the other person's side of view - even if they don't agree with it. It's all about respect to me. This stuff from etsy is fun - but I can't picture myself buying any of it. This election is definately an interesting one - and a history making one, no matter who gets voted in.

Kathy Martin Studio said...

"if you type in "John McCain" you will find 3 pages of items. If you type in "Barack Obama" you will 31 pages of items. Hmm? I wonder if this means anything?"

I think that it means that Obama is prettier to look at than McCain. hehe


Peggy said...

Too funny,I love the finger puppets.I believe we should listen to what the candidates issues and vote and I don't like negative.I really don't like it when people yell,there is no need to. I hate when they start bashing .Lets see what happens in Nov