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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colorado Catnip Toys

We like to bring treats home for our little princess Coco Keane. A lot of stuff doesn't go over so well with her and the only toys she really likes are cat nip toys and rocks. Give her a rock and she's good for hours. She just runs all over the house with it in her mouth putting it down on the tile and batting it all over the floor. Strange cat she is.

My husband brought home a small container of cat nip to put on her scratching bed in our bedroom so she'd stop scratching the new bed frame. We left and came home a few hours later and she somehow managed to break open the container and flung it all over the living room carpet. The catnip made her psycho!

Now I've discovered Colorado Catnip Toys. Hopefully they can save the day! This shop has these fabulous little catnip toys that are vibrant and playful with extra little things hanging off of the toys to catch your cats attention. They also have these pretty cool catnip mats which will draw your cats attention in and almost force them to want to lay down and sleep on the mat leaving you with less cat hair all over the place. Thankfully we don't have this problem. She really only sleeps in her cat bed next to Daddy's computer and then in her other bed in the bedroom at night.

If you have a special kitty in your life that you treat like royalty find it a gift at Colorado Catnip Toys and make it one happy cat!


bowlergrl1 said...

My kitty loves catnip! The catnip mat would be perfect to put in his carrier when we travel with him.

Vanessa said...

I'll have to check out those toys for our furbabies :)

ErinT Fashion Accessories said...

I don't have any cats, but that looks like a super cute idea. I'm going to have to recommend those to my friend :)

Dark Temptations said...

Thanks for the linkage, Toshi will love the catnip toys!

blueviolet said...

These are a much cuter way to use catnip!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

How cool! My cat would love this.