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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charlie and Sarah

I'm brother is tough to shop for. He's super tall and built like a truck. He totally pulls off that adorable snow boarder "I've got stretched ears don't mess with me" look and works for a major clothing manufacture's website while putting himself through graphic design school.

He's always dressed so cool and actually has a very nice fashion sense. When I saw these hoodies from Charlie and Sarah I knew right away he could work them and in the process would be noticed and complimented because the hoodies are just that cool. Nothing better then a little British charm on American clothing!

Recently back from the world's largest craft fair, Charlie and Sarah, are having a huge sale right now to move stock. Personally he could rock this Whale Hoody without a doubt and boy would the ladies turn their heads when he was.


ms.clark said...

I agree, brothers are so hard to shop for. I like this hoodie. Very nice. I'm going to head over and see what other goodies they have. Thanks!


Littleclouds said...

That whale is soo cute!

Yes I found a solution to the difficulty in buying Brothers presents. I just don't bother teehee!

blueviolet said...

Boy, have times changed. Guys were girls jeans, now hoodies, what else? What's sacred anymore?

Vanessa said...

Too cute! You are already x-mas shopping?! I need to start!!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I have a brother just like that. And I think this whale hoodie is just dorky-cool enough for him.

I swear he has this gold and teal 4-H shirt with a globe and a horse on it. He got it way back in like 1994 and he still wears the thing. Every myspace picture I see him in I(all at different events) he has it on.