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Monday, September 22, 2008

Carolyn's Kitchen Give away

Ok, all you fabulous people. It's time for another giveaway! Today's give away is brought you by Carolyn's Kitchen. We featured this shop on our blog last week and then found out afterward that they wanted to give away an apron so here it is!

Titled the "Sweetheart" Apron this item comes in Aqua and is valued at $42.00. It does not coming with the matching gloves so how about picking up a pair for yourself when you win this very cool apron. Perhaps Aqua isn't your style? There's a ton to pick from and all would make great gifts. Maybe you even want to spice up your home life with your significant other? No reason you can't play a little dress up!

In order to win this you must check out their site and comment here by leaving a link to another favorite apron. Easy as pie! Winner will be posted bright and early Wednesday morning. Start entering!


bowlergrl1 said...

I really like this apron:


...but wish it came in the style of THIS apron:


lisajean2 said...

This cupcake apron is soooo cute! I want it!!!


Jeweltrinkets said...

I can see myself serving hot dogs and icecream sandwiches wearing this on the 4th of July!


Becky said...

I like the style of the dorothy aprons and this is my favorite:


Bee @ BeeDazzlesGifts said...

Oooh La La - I am SO in love with the new Vixen apron!! * fingers crossed * to win!! :)


Apple Blossom Designs said...

I love the cupcake apron http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/cupcakeApron.html It's too cute that it looks like a dress!!

not a famous adrian said...

Dorothy apron Breast Cancer Pink is my favorite, & of course it is out of stock!

Rachel said...

I love the Lollipop apron (http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/lollipopApron.html). Cute style *and* a matching daughter apron. *So* adorable. I've been lusting over that site for a while now.

Anonymous said...

I like them all, but I really like this one!

kellizak said...

the pink one is really nice

Missy Roth said...

I'm not really here for the apron (what's a kitchen?) but I think it's awesome that you have all these contests for everyone! I thought I missed out on the free box contest due to the awful hurricane (no power for 7 1/2 days!) but here I am catching up. Can't wait for Sept box!!

Vanessa said...

I love love love the sweethear apron in hot pink. These make me want to bake a cake ;)


Debbie said...

I really like: http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/cupcakeapron.html It is so sweet, I can see myself baking yummy sweets with my daughters in their matching aprons: http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/cupcakedaughterapron.html

Christi said...

Check out the cupcake apron:


Yum, I'm hungry already! :)

kirsten said...

OMG these rock :) It figures the one I like best is OOS


Amber said...

I love this lime green dorothy apron

Peggy said...

All of the aprons are so much fun and I love the matching gloves,too cute. Count me in for my favorite apron http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/images_Aprons/Sweetheart_Blk_Index.jpg
Happy cooking

teresa said...

http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/cupcakeapron.html ... I love the cupcake one!!!!! Count me in pleaz!!!

Whimsical Creations said...

i like this one...

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

jen said...

OHMYWORD! These aprons are so incredibly awesomecool! I most especially love http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/Vixen_Apron.html and http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/Cupid_Apron.html

Where have you been all my life, carolyn's kitchen???

jen @ eavesdrop.etsy.com

Kris said...

I love the Aqua sweetheart apron. It would look great with my red hair:) I also love the lollipop apron:http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/lollipopApron.html
It would be so nice to dress up for the holidays and have an apron that would complement a nice outfit! I love the neckline!

bamabelle said...

My fave is the Sweetheart Apron in red http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/sweetheart_apron_redbl.html, since it matches my retro soul ! (and kitchen!!)These sets of aprons, garters or bandeaus and matching gloves would make the ultimate Bridal Shower gift !

Ruby (Mouth) said...


This is such a cute apron in the lime and black. I love it. Hope I win.

melcpn said...

i love the pink Dorothy apron:
(alomost as much as I love the aqua Sweetheart)

Ricki said...

I love the Dorothy Apron in Lime:
http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/dorothy_apron(lime).html I am looking for a house, so maybe I need an apron...

Bunny B said...

Her aprons are just gorgeous! I love this: http://www.carolynskitchenonline.com/aprons/dorothy_apron(bc).html

bunnybx at gmail . com

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

My favorite is the Dorothy apron in pink.


Brenda said...

I LOVE the Dorothy red & black apron! Actually, I love ALL of them, and it was hard to pick just one! But, the red & black apron matches my kitchen. :)


SweetLollipopShop said...

I am totally torn over my choice of favorite!! I love the lollipop apron, but just by a lil smidge I have to say this one is my absolute favorite and fits my vixen personality :)


Amanda said...

I love this cupcake one!!!


nikkigz said...

my favorite is the aqua Dorothy Apron :)