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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I literally laughed out loud when I found this shop a few months ago. I'm actually chuckling right now as I write because this shop is so utterly fabulous and risque I can't take it.

Bustables is your one stop shopping place for customizable bra and panty cards. No no silly. Not REAL bra and panties, but paper ones! These are the best! Your imagination can go wild with the type of lingerie you want to wear on your cards. Sexy, flirty, sultry, and fun - you name it and Bustables can create it!

I'm seriously in love with these and wish I had more girlfriends I could send the cards to so that I could make a purchase. Won't you be my girlfriend so I can send you something funky and fun today? Then you could have a bra and panty card from me!


blueviolet said...

Those are absolutely too much fun! I'm checking it out now.

Rosanne said...

How do you ever find these things Kim?? Great cards! I want to order some too!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Those are funny.

Vanessa said...

Too cute! I wish I knew about this shop when I was planning my friend's bachelorette party...these cards would have been perfect!

jen said...

Hilarious! I'm so happy to see they've immortalized a curvy booty like mine. : P

jen @ eavesdrop.etsy.com