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Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Indigo Designs

The most fabulous reader turned me onto this shop. I love it when readers email me and suggest shops that I should check out because I obviously can't get to all the shops on Etsy. There's just too many of them! When I get a heads up about something I'm missing out on I run to see what's so special about that particular shop and well this one speaks for itself.

7 Indigo Designs has been holding out on me. I'm so completely and utterly in love with this darling grape pendant. How fabulous is this?! You can even pick between green or purple grapes and the way the pendant is designed makes it look so real. People will literally stop you in your tracks to admire this - I'm sure of it! Look how it's priced too! You simply can't refuse paying $16.00 for something this great! The little leaf is the perfect touch to something so wonderful.

Don't be a fool! You know you like this just as much as I do. Pick one up for you, for me, and for your mother. We'll all thank you!


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I'm glad you liked her stuff! I had trouble picking between the purple and the green myself. I ended up with the green, but I'm tempted to go back for the purple too. Thanks for showing her off.

blueviolet said...

This is going to be a gift for my daughter for Christmas. I can't decide between purple or green either but one of them is coming home with me.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful necklace! How creative!

Bunny B said...

Wow! That's so cute! I'm heading over! I'm sure I'll find stuff I like!

KatieG said...

I LOVE that pendant!