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Friday, August 22, 2008

Work Space

I have a giant board above my desk that I pin all of the stuff that is sent to me on. There's a ton of business cards, thank you notes and other random items. I also pin up cool promo items that people have sent me. When suppliers, vendors, family members, and the such stop by they are always just staring at my board and looking at all the neat stuff on it. I've only been collecting stuff for the past 2 months and I only have a small spot in the bottom middle of the board open now. I actually need to move it more to the left because I got a bigger desk today and those cheap shelves you can sorta see in the picture to put a bunch of my supplies on. Now you can't see any of the cool stuff hanging from the right side of the board.

I am a Seattle girl born and raised. Whenever you are downtown there's always flyers and such all over the lamp posts with stuff about art shows, concerts, and garage sales. Thousands of flyers stacked on top of each other. My goal is do this same sort of thing with my board. I'm just going to keep layering it and layering it with all sorts of funky stuff that people send me with their promo items. Can you spy your promo items? Did your mail end up on my board?

If you want to contribute you my board my address is on the right side bar - Even if it's just a hello! Now what does your work space look like?! Comment me with a link to your work space or Let's play I spy!

My turn!

I spy with my little eye - Alway's Amy sponge WoW, POW, ZAP, BAM stickers on my computer monitor. Red Marionette's felty goodness. A Bin Hog cupcake luggage handle wrap. A Promo's In a Snap fabric mirror and..... LOTS MORE!


Angie in AZ said...

I just happened to have posted photos of my very utilitarian and solely "for function" studio on my blog a couple of days ago! Here's my link:

Bunny B said...

I have a wishboard above my desk - it's all the things I wish I had :) To inspire me and help me focus.

KatieG said...

This was really cool to see Kim! I spy some Twisted Peppermint lotion from Bath and Body works...which I bought as well last christmas!

blueviolet said...

I love that idea. My work area is a complete disaster most of the time. I clean it up once a month or so.

Amber said...

cool workspace :)

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

That's cool! I used to have a wishboard. Haven't made a new one since I moved, but I love the idea and I will definately be getting back to it.