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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sparkle Couture

Do you like jewelry that is colorful and candy like? I know I sure do and because of that Sparkle Couture is one of my most favorite new businesses! If you are a true fashionista then Sparkle Couture will also speak to you and make you want more!

I have a few favorites that I recently added to my wish list. Recently meaning, last night when I felt like I had money to burn and wanted to shop! I withheld though and the money in my Paypal account is still burning a hole in my pocket. I'm just so in love with these Mila earrings. The vibrant electric green color and simple sterling silver makes these ever so wanted in my book. My collection would never be complete without them! The shine of the shell is never forgetting and will forever be on my mind until I actually place these babies in my shopping cart and make that purchase.

Maybe earrings aren't your thing? Perhaps you enjoy necklaces more. No problem there! What about this Chloe necklace. HELLO! Sparkle Couture is totally and utterly killing me with all of their gorgeous pieces. Here one large turquoise briolette is carefully wrapped in a sterling silver hoop. I'd love a larger chain with this and if I purchased it I would request one larger. Man, this is cool! What do you think?


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Cool stuff! I love the ring called adored!

KatieG said...

Love that necklace!

Eboni said...

Love your jewelry, it will look great with casuals.

Amanda said...

There's so many items I want! There's a buy one, get one half off sale going on through 9/1 so that makes it even more tempting. :)