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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rupert and Krista

If you have kids and they are anything like my kids they are already starting their Christmas lists in their minds. TV doesn't help either. Every single commercial is for a toy or some cool video game that they just have to have. My son Connor is especially bad with this and both boys have decided for Christmas they just have to have Nintendo DS's. Great! No problem! Only $150 dollars each!!

Well, if they are going to get Ninetendo DS's then they are going to have to have a cool fabric pouch to keep them safe from drops and stuff. This is why Rupert and Krista is the shop to check out for this such thing.

They have all sorts of cool fabric pouches in different colors and materials. Only $8.00 too! I might have to make that custom request for some super cool 6 year old boy type fabrics here in a few months. I like to plan ahead and hopefully you do to. I'm already shopping ahead in my head. The boys would just love these along with their cool new toys that Santa is going to bring.


KatieG said...

Headed over there to check them out right now!

KatieG said...

Oh and I won't lie...I totally have a nitendo DS for myself, you should by one for you as well as the kids; it's pretty fun!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I'm starting my shopping list for Christmas now - and they have an owl pouch! You have already had links for several other owl items I can put in that pouch as a gift for my friend Emily who loves owls.