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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mosaica Bead Works

I prefer simple well thought out jewelry with colors that pop. When I make purchases I tend to lean towards blue stones and beads as that color makes my eyes shine brighter. Sometimes when I'm browsing Etsy I have a difficult time finding jewelry that is exactly what I'm looking for but a few weeks ago I found Mosaica Bead Works and their shop could literally be my entire jewelry collection.

My favorite item from their shop was these earrings called Island Girl. I like the turquoise pearl nuggets and also and the Karen Hill sterling silver bead caps. The designs on the bead caps are very beautiful. This pair of earrings is very me and will soon go on my purchase list. I must have them!

I also like that you can purchase gift certificates from this shop to give to friends and family. Even better for me! I can make my Christmas list and direct my husband to this shop so that later on down the road I can make my own purchase for something I really enjoy. Hopefully those earrings!


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

She has a lot of great items and reasonably priced. The bracelets are really cool.

KatieG said...

I love the beads she uses