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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home - Seattle

I'm really missing home today. The weather is gloomy and it feels as if I'm back home in Seattle on a typical Fall afternoon. The kids have been back to school for over 2 weeks and the kids back home don't go back until next week. The weather starts to change big time in a few weeks there. The hot hot heat won't even change for about a month and a half. Last winter was amazing here. It was sunny every day but 70. The snowbirds will start coming shortly. Pools will close up if they haven't already and life picks up pace because people start going outside again.

I miss high rocky peaks in Washington - including the snow covered caps that start showing up in October. I like watching King 5 and hearing about avalanche control on Snoqualimie Pass. Even better is watching for the ski report and finding out when Mt. Baker, Steven's Pass, and Crystal will be open.

My favorite thing when I was a kid was asking mom and dad if we were going to take the express lanes through downtown on I-5 because we got to go through the tunnels under the convention center. Or how when heading south on I-5 through the city you just needed to look to the right and you can see the whole Seattle center. The Space Needle and the Experience Music Project stand out big time. Catching the monorail to West Lake Center and heading to Nordstroms, Macy's (Or Bon Marche for you Washington folks!) and now even Sephora is right there too. A few blocks down is the Pike Place Market where you know you'll catch someone playing music on their guitar and tons of tourists.

The smell of the sound will smothered you and take your breathe away as well as the ferries coming and going. Alki - West Seattle - Capital Hill - U. District - Magnolia - Pioneer Square - Fremont, and the troll - Madrona (woot!) - Ravenna - Queen Anne - Sodo - Ballard - Green Lake and so much more.

I'm so lucky to have experience my youth in Washington and especially the surrounding Seattle area. I hope that if you've never seen the beauty that is Washington that you'll be able to go there some day. It's truly magical. I found "Seattle" themed goodies on Etsy to make me feel better.


Bunny B said...

I've never been to Seattle, but would love to go there!

blueviolet said...

I've never been there but my brother used to live there for a long time. I remember when people were flocking in droves to live in Seattle. Is that still happening? It was considered one of the best places to live in the country.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I love Seattle! I was there two winters ago and I'm dying to go back - maybe during the summer. I love all the hilly steep roads, the architecture and the bars. We went into one called the New Orleans Bar and it was pretty cool. I would like to go back during the summer when it's not so cold, to see the open air market, Bliss soap shop, and Freeway park. We also drove into the Cascades - which were beutiful. I love that Seattle is a big city but still full of nature - tall pine trees, the ocean, mountains, etc.

KatieG said...

Makes me want to visit Seattle!

bowlergrl1 said...

I've been to Seattle a couple times and I absolutely LOVED it there. I want to go back!

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

awww i'm in seattle, thanks for letting people know how awesome it is :)

Amber said...

sounds like a wonderful place I would love to visit there