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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Feature - Sherry Truitt Studios

Name: Sherry Truitt

Business Name: Sherry Truitt Studios

Email Address: marvelousmoondance@earthlink.net

What Year Was your Company Established: We were founded in March 2004.

Describe your business or service in detail: I craft three distinct lines of jewelry - Form Meets Function, Vintage Marries Modern, Simply Silver

What made you start your business? I've always loved craft, weaving, sewing, but I chose jewelry as a business because, I wanted to wear jewelry no one else was wearing. I wanted clients who felt the same way.

What inspires you? I've always been inspired by the everyday world around me. I love tools. My form meets function line is the the one I am most proud of. It incorporates everyday objects such as magnets, spirit levels, maps and compasses with sterling silver to create wearable, functional art.

Do you have anything interesting or unique that you want our readers to know about? I also love vintage Lucite and glass that I set in modern sterling to create pieces in my vintage marries modern collection. It connects us by bringing pieces of the past into the future.

Do you have a favorite product that you offer and why? My favorite piece, is my chalkboard necklace, which I designed in honor of my mom. She was a kindergarten teacher. My husband cuts the slate for me from a 50 pound piece that once stood at my mom's house.

Who is your target audience? My target market is diverse. Women of all ages purchase my jewelry. I hear amazing stories when my customers order custom map necklaces. Vintage maps spark the memories of many. I've done them to commemorate an anniversary , a place where the couple met, the birthplace of someone's mother and the land where a child was adopted. I collect the stories and will write about them one day.

Is crafting a full-time job for you? This is what I do full time. I have a studio in the attic of our 1918 Craftsman bungalow. I can be a mom and a metalsmith at the same time. When you have a passion for what you do, it's not really a job, it's just part of who you are.

What one piece of advice do you give to new businesses or online shops? One of the most important things I have found, is having different price points for your shop. It will bring in a variety of different customers as well as offer a little something extra to a customer purchasing a more expensive item.


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I checked out her site, and I really like her pieces. I wonder if she has ever sold her jewelry on Uncommongoods.com because the compass jewelry and level jewelry look like pieces I have seen there.

KatieG said...

Oooh she's got some cool stuff!

Bunny B said...

Really cute stuff!! :)

bowlergrl1 said...

I love that pendant with the piece of map with Chicago!

blueviolet said...

I like the Chicago necklace. If it just went a smidge more east I'd wave from it!

Amber said...

The one lone Aspen pendant is so pretty