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Monday, August 11, 2008

Fotini Designs

So I was introduced to Fotini Designs yesterday evening and when my web browser opened their page I was really excited about their online store. The designs are simple and elegant, which is so totally me. Anyone who knows me would know this. Actually, you can probably tell what I like and don't like just by reading this blog and seeing what type of stuff I write about. When it comes to jewelry I like bright colors, sterling silver, stone, shell, and pearl.

Fotini Designs has all of these things which allows it be one of my favorites! Particularly, I love this necklace titled April. The sterling silver and copper droplets fused together looks really cool. It's almost like a lace of sorts with holes between each droplets but all together. The copper really adds a special touch to it allowing it to stand out. This would go together perfectly with nice office attire or special event like a graduation, wedding, or date. I can think of many places I'd wear a piece like this and I know while wearing it I'd be catching a lot of eyes.

Fotini Designs has big things in the future. Check out their shop if you want to be part of it.