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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fish In Glass

I don't know about you all but I belong to a family full of gatherings and fun. It's an Italian family so there's always food and more food. I sometimes think we make up a reason for a Saturday afternoon bbq by the pool. It's either a birthday or a holiday too. Don't forget our weekly Sunday dinners at the in-laws! Those are mandatory! Gotta keep mom happy!

Because of this I'm always on the look out for a spiffy new serving dish or something fun to pull out to make a cheese and cracker tray or a veggie tray on. Again, I like standing out. I love getting compliments on my finds. There's nothing better then the oohhhs and ahhhhs at a family picnic. Especially when I get to tell people that it's handmade and not store bought! That's my favorite!

Fish In Glass caught my eye with this 13 inch fused glass serving tray. The bright colors would be just stunning for outdoor entertaining on a warm summer day. The piece certainly screams, "Pull out the Tiki Torches! Bring out the Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay! Let's have a party!" This goes on my wishlist because I MUST have it!

Free shipping today only! Be quick! If you purchase my piece I'll find a new one. No worries.. I'll just hunt you down.


bowlergrl1 said...

Aw, some really cute stuff in this shop!

KatieG said...

I love that serving tray!

Amanda said...

I love the little yellow fish bowl...I'd love to eat my cereal every morning in it. :)

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Those look like fun!

LinDesigns said...

Beautiful. I love glass art! I will definitely keep them in mind for Holiday gifts!

blueviolet said...

I love these!