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Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of 1st Grade!

Have a great 1st day of 1st grade little babies! My, it seems like only yesterday I was juggling night time feedings and diaper changes. Even with the silly looks on your faces and the squinty eyes from the bright morning son you are much loved. I'm so proud of you!

(Yep, they are twins!)


Anonymous said...

my baby starts kindergarten tommorrow. im happy and proud and sad at the same time. I know how you feel though and its a great feeling pride that first day of school.

Missy Roth said...

Too cute!

My boys have 2 weeks still, and they're already in 2nd & 3rd this year!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Congrats! I wish I was starting 1st grade again. It's a fun grade to be in.

KatieG said...

Congrats to your twins on their big day!

Ricki said...

So cute! Hope their first day of school went well.

bowlergrl1 said...

Your boys are so cute! I hope they enjoy first grade!

ccdesign said...

Your twins are adorable. They look like they are a lot of fun.