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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank You SO Much!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Christmas in July promotion! I had a blast and I'm dead tired now! Been up for almost 2 days! I had to stay awake to post all the giveaways each hour!

I will be posting the winners tomorrow and have extended the comment entries until the morning so keep them coming!

I appreciate each of you coming out and supporting our Indies during this slow economy.

You rock!

Now tell me what you bought and who you bought it from!


Amy said...

Thanks for organizing this! I bought two funky keychains from Early Bird Creations, three sets of very cute magnets from Tanner Glass, and two sets of notecards from T & Little S Designs. I probably never would have stumbled upon those shops if it weren't for the promotion you've done!

Ricki said...

I ordered some wickless candle jars from Just Right Candle Co in Plumeria, Spring Rain, and Bedford Falls. I would have ordered more, but I just got back from vacation.

Tomiko said...

Thank you so much for organizing this. I bought a bunch of B&B stuff from Pampertini and also have marked as favorites many of the Etsy shops mentioned in the blog posting.

adrian said...

Besides bookmarking some new favorites,
I placed yet another order with Blue Raven Tea.

I would have shopped some more, but it was 90 degrees here, & we spent the day at the beach. I wish the sale ran through the weekend. :(

Amber said...

I bought some coffee from SBS teas for my hubby and friend also a cookie and honey sticks :)

Barbara said...

I bought a bunch of goodies from Pampertini and also some soaps from Sugarland Soaps!
Thanks for introducing all the indie shops! Love trying and sharing all the unique products!!!

cupiedollie said...


I bought a really cool natural magnet and ball bearing sculpture necklace for my daughter from Sherry Truitt Studios and a cute pair of light blue and yellow flower earrings for myself from Designed by RJ.

Peggi said...

I was so pleased to see some of my very favorite etailers here! Thanks so much for highlighting some of the best of the best!

lisajean2 said...

I was on vacation and missed it. Darn! Maybe next year!!