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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My mommy is coming today from Seattle! I haven't seen her since the end of February so I'm pretty excited. She wasn't able to make it for Michael's and my wedding so this will also be the 1st time she's seen me since the wedding. I accidentally typed weeding instead of wedding. How funny is that? I'll be on a staycation while she's here. I'm not going to work.. hmm.. Ok, I'm going to work a little. I'll be answering emails when I have time and doing a tad bit of work but I won't be sitting at my computer 16 hours a day. I'm going to be in the pool and bbqing and oh yeah.. drinking lots of booze until I get sun stroke and pass out. Hmm.. maybe not on the boozing until I pass out thing. I'm not 21 anymore. I'm a ripe 27 and us 27 year olds can't drink like college kids anymore.

I've been running around like a mad woman all morning. Woke up at 7 a.m. which came WAY too early after all the foofy coconut drinks at the event I had to be at last night. Swim lessons with the twins at 8:30. Got home at 9:15 and ran to the grocery store to fill the cupboards and fridge. Got home at 10:30ish and been cleaning the guest room and all of those little things that need to be down.

I neglected the blog today but I just need to finish the bathroom and I'm good to go! That's when I'll update. Oh, I'm going to make a yummy pasta salad too! I already boiled the multicolored noodles and put them in the fridge to cool. When that's finished I'm going to add italian dressings, black olives (LOTS!), onion, and pepperoni slices. It sounds so yummy in the heat.

Speaking of heat. This morning on the way to the store they had inmates out cleaning the roads. First time I ever felt bad for an inmate. It's freakin' hot out there! Even the guy at the checkout in the store had sweat on his brow and he's INSIDE.. alas inside right in front of the doors that open and close 500 times a day. Oh OH! Did you notice on the right side column you can see the temperature where I live? Yep, How Hot is the LBB? It's HOT!

Ok, will update with some fabulous finds in a bit! My staycation starts at 3:00!! Woot!


Amber said...

wow it is really hot there!Enjoy spending time with your mom :)

Bunny B said...

Yummy, coconut!! I love swimming!! :)