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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sew Many Colors

I'm terribly lucky to have two little boys but sometimes I do wish deep down for a little girl. Little girl stuff is so much more fun to buy and when I'm out close shopping I like to stroll through the girls department just to run my hands over all the pink and purple colored dresses. With boys it's always blue and green and shorts and tee. Nothing fun!

My good friend recently had a baby so I was searching Etsy for something fun and I came across this beautiful rainbow patchwork dress. I've never seen anything like it and it looks like something so fun. I bet it's also the type of dress that people would notice and compliment on. That's usually how I like to shop. I want people to take notice of what I wear so when I am purchasing gifts I want it to be something that people will also take notice too.

Sew Many Colors has a few other dresses like this. They also have stuff for adults which is also very fun. Take a peek and see if you see anything you like or perhaps you also have a little girl in your life who could rock something like this.


Alicia said...

what a great find! Im off to check out the rest of her shop thanks!

brightonEarly said...

Yes! Boy things ARE boring! That's why I make girl things and pray pray pray that I don't have all boys.

Bunny B said...

That's SEW CUTE! :)